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Nigeria, Africa with Safari Places

With over 70 exciting safari destinations including hundreds of other tourist spots as well as various cheap available flights, Nigeria, Africa is considered as an exotic tourist destination. There are many low cost airlines in Nigeria for your choice ,not only various budget Airlines come up with low air fare …

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Kenya – The Best Tourist Destination in Africa

Have you ever known why Kenya is the top Africa tourist destination? Do you know that apart from South Africa and Egypt, Kenya gets the highest percentage of tourist in Africa? On this article therefore, we will show you the best places you shouldn’t miss while on your vacation in …

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Holiday Packages and Tours in South Africa

A wonderful way to discover the Cape Peninsula all over South Africa is actually by hired vehicle. Ideal roads get getting behind the wheel excellent, there’s lots to find that holding a hired vehicle will give you the ability to visit attractions you want. You can easily find a wide …

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South Africa The Best Travel Destination

The game lodges, abundance of hotels, guest houses, and beachside accommodation make tourism the fourth largest industry of South Africa. If South Africa accommodation is your first choice then after deciding your budget and travel destination, selection of a hotel would be the next important decision. The Cape Grace, The …

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Africa Tours

The word “tour” can conjure up images of inebriated sports-fans or busloads of the blue rinse brigade complete with walking frames all being shepherded by a stern, clip-board wielding, dictator. However to dispel these ghastly images, let me introduce you to very rare Africa Tours – which we like to …

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Travel Africa

It’s impossible to capture the beauty of Cape Town in words or photos. It can only give a glimpse of the magic. Long, long ago when the likes of Dias were traveling the seas to discover new countries the Cape was called the “Cape of Storms”. Cape Town has very …

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