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Places to visit in Egypt for Christmas holidays

Although you would think that Christmas holidays in Egypt is the last thing that you want to ruin your year end fun, many travellers would violently disagree with you. Tourists today are very much keen on spending their holidays in Egypt especially during the Christmas to enjoy its sunny and …

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Egypt Tour Packages ? Top Destinations to Visit

Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations in the world today with great variety of heritage attractions. It is the perfect place to be for a holiday if you are interested in leisure vacation and want to explore some fascinating attractions, rich heritage and culture as well as modern day …

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Places To Visit In Alexandria, Egypt

Founded by the famous Alexander the Great, the city of Alexandria used to be one of the most important cities of the ancient world. Now, Alexandria is the second largest city and the largest port city in Egypt. Almost all of the maritime trade passes through this port. Alexandria is …

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Sharm El Sheikh Travel Guide – Memphis Tours Egypt

Sharm El Sheikh Egypt Travel Guide Sharm El-Sheikh & Na’ama Bay For many thousands of its happy visitors, the area is known simply as “Sharm”, but it’s actually a collection of attractions with differing personalities. The town’s name first appears on maps as long ago as the eighteenth century, but, …

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A Tour of Egypt

Egypt is a Middle Eastern country in northeast Africa; it is in the center of the Arab world. Egypt controls the Suez Canal which is the shortest sea link between the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The country is defined by desert and the Nile, the longest river on …

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Egypt Tourism ? Explore Top Tourist Attractions

Welcome to the land of wonderments, land of master-piece creations, land of the man-made marvel and more of all land which has mesmerized visitors from across the world with its monumental wonder…You are most welcome to Egypt, a beautiful country located in North Africa, which is one of the sought …

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