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Bridal Shower Etiquette For Destination Weddings

Bridal Shower Etiquette for Destination Weddings Times are changing, and couples are holding so many different kinds of weddings its hard to know what the proper etiquette is anymore. So, should a bride still be entitled to have a bridal shower if she is planning a destination wedding? I believe …

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Bridal Gowns For Destination Weddings

Congrats on the nuptials! It’s time to splurge on a fabulous wedding far away from home. If you’re having a destination wedding and are retreating from the colder weather to the refuge of a balmy, sun soaked beach, you’ve got to find a bridal gown that is perfect for the …

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6 Fabulous Destination Weddings

What could be more romantic than getting married on a beach, under the sun, to the person you love? Sure it is wonderful to be surrounded by hundreds of friends and family members, but it is also extremely expensive, enormously hectic and ultimately can end up being more of a …

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Destination Weddings

More and more these days, couples planning their nuptials are opting for destination weddings. Rather than renting a banquet hall and hosting a dinner for a few hundred of their nearest and dearest friends, couples are discovering the advantages of a more intimate gathering in an exotic locale. “Now, wait …

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