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3 Great Scenic Places to Visit in Colorado

Estes Park, The Rocky Mountain National Park, and The Royal Gorge

Colorado is home to many magnificent natural attraction sites. Home of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado has many high winding mountain roads, awesome rock formations, tons of wildlife and places with views that will put you in total aw.

Estes Park is located 64 miles North West of Denver and sits at the door of the Rocky Mountain National Park. Rocky Mountain National Park is 7522 ft. above sea level with peaks ranging 8500 ft to 14000 ft! It is full of deep canyons, grassy meadows, rivers, wildlife and breathtaking views.

Estes Park is full of life and bubbling with fun. There you will find all types of specialty stores and unique restaurants (ever try Rock Mountain Oysters?) not to mention all the candy & sweets! In the specialty stores you will find all types of antiques & collectables, leathers & furs and Native American Arts plus many more specialty items. It is not uncommon to see a herd of Elk hanging out not to far from all the fun. Things to do in Estes Park are hiking, climbing, fishing, golfing, sightseeing, wildlife watching, horseback riding, museums and rafting. There is also a winery with wine tasting.

Guess what else you will find there? You guessed it! The Stanley Hotel! The exact historical hotel that Stephen King stayed at when he was inspired to write “The Shinning”. The hotel is said to be haunted by ghosts. They even give ghosts tours! If you love ghost tales, call early and get either room 217, the room Stephen King stayed in, or room 418, the room that is said to be haunted!

Another great scenic place to visit in Colorado is The Royal Gorge. It sits just 45 minutes South West of Co. Springs in Canyon City. There you will find the Royal Gorge Bridge which is said to be one of the worlds tallest suspension bridges. Standing at the top of the bridge and looking down 1000 ft. to the river below is a breath-taking spectacular view. They also have a “Royal Gorge Route Railroad” where you can take a train and sit back and enjoy the magnificent view.

If you love flying you can take a “Jet powered helicopter” that will take you down into the gorge. In addition there is the historical downtown area with shops, restaurants and galleries.

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