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A Popular Tourist Destination ? Malaga

Malaga is located at Andalucia, a Spanish province with high tourism popularity. Malaga is a preferred tourist resort that is synonymous to golden sand, sun bathing, beautiful beaches, great weather and perfect holiday. English and German are widely spoken and used in Malaga, besides the native Spanish, due to the vast number of tourists speaking English and German. It is easy to get by in Malaga as most tourist information and tourist-related activities like restaurants and services, are in English and German.

Malaga is a city part of the Spanish province of Benalmadena, Marbella, Torremolinos and Fuengirola with the idyllic Costa del Sol, a Coastal Spanish area.

Early Phoenician settlers in 700BC named Malaga as Malaka. Later, the Greeks as well as the Carthaginians came conquering Malaga but it was the Romans who developed Malaga in 200BC which set it as an important Roman Empire entity.

Then the Visigoths came, followed by the Moorish in 8th century to conquer the Iberian Peninsula and developed Malaga as a significant port for trading.

The Arabs came and conquered Malaga when it was first part of Caliphate of Cordoba, and later when it was part of Caliphate of Granada. The southern cities were the last to be re-conquered by the Reconquista, comprising Christians who fought to take back the Iberian Peninsula. However, the Moorish only managed to take back Malaga around 15th century.

Under King Fernando and Queen Isabel, Christians destroyed a lot of Moorish buildings to build Christian churches. However, the Arabic influence could not be totally wiped out and Arabic heritage and constructions remain in Malaga until today, as can be observed on the streets, structures and parts of the city.

For about 2 centuries, Malaga was beset by floods, earthquakes and illnesses from the 17th century, before rebuilding itself as an influential and rich region to become a popular tourist resort in the 20th century.

Malaga is considered the second biggest harbor in Spain with good connections to an international airport to cater to its tourism affluence, being one of the biggest cities in Spain. Tourists will find Malaga charming with not just the spirit of Andalusia, but also with the traditions, monuments and Flamenco imprints as well as the warmness of its locals.

Malaga developed its rich history from the varied cultures that have passed by it. It opens the door to Africa as an important communication point. This charming city connects well with other Andalusia cities. It is a wonderful place to start your tour of Andalusia with all the right Northern African ports and Madrid just close by. Malaga exudes with artistic culture as it was Picasso’s hometown; it boasts of a museum housing the artworks of the famous artist.

The city is alive with its busy port and streets, bars, eateries and shops. Its beaches are a popular spot for meet ups by young tourists; even the rich and famous in Spain can be spotted here. You will enjoy the calmer ambiance in the old city centre where awesome historic structures and churches will take your breath away. While exploring the city, discover its delicious local fare such as fried fish, and its local Andalusia white wines like manzanilla or fino, for a refreshing taste.

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