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An Adventure Tour Guide In To The City Of Joy, Kolkata

Kolkata, known as most popularly City of joy mainly because of the lively nature of the people here, its exotic attractions and its hearty hospitable behavior towards its guests. Kolkata is also known as the city of Palaces as many of the famous palatial buildings of the country is situated in this lively city. Every tourist information center situated in various places and areas of India have great tourist package tours attached to this exotic city of India. The exotic look of the Kolkata looks even more beautiful during the winter season. Every person having a tour of Kolkata will remember every minute of the tour for the rest of their life. Kolkata is a great place for honeymooning. The exotic resorts in Kolkata are regarded as one of the greatest exotic resorts of India and also one of the finest. There are different kinds of packages arranged for the honeymoon couples and also they schedule the tours in such a manner which definitely matches with their schedule. The tour operators select the high class hotels with the excellent facilities available and with the five star dining services which are perfectly suited to give couples a totally comfortable and unique experience.
The wildlife travel in Kolkata is also extremely widespread and exotic. The wildlife of Kolkata sets an adventurous mood for the people visiting it. The city has some exotic tourist destinations where the wildlife is preserved in the utmost beautiful manner. The city is famous for its tiger reserve at Sunderbans. The mangrove forest covering an area of 4264 sq km is the reservation spot of the royal Bengal tigers, a beautiful creation of nature and also for crimson fiddler crabs, recluse crabs, crocodiles, sea turtles etc, is a magnificent experience for everyone who has seen it. It is a must see for every tourist visiting the city. Another famous wildlife destination is the national forest at Jaldapara famous for its richness in forest wealth. It is famous for the reservation of its animals like rhinos, barking deer etc. The tourists visiting the wildlife reservation zones stay here for many days in the lap of the Mother Nature to observe and witness the beautiful and fascinating wildlife zone of Kolkata.
Kolkata is most importantly among one of the four top metros of India and has many tourist attractions attached with its name due to which a large number of tourists from all over of the world visit and take a tour of this city every year. There are four top tourists spots of the city which is attached with every package of Kolkata tour and tourism, the first being the Birla Planetarium. The kind situated is regarded as one of the largest on Earth. It is a dome shaped white building and was built in 1962. It is a must visit for every tourist and especially for the astronomy freaks. It is the all time favorite for every tourist visiting the city and definitely one of the popular landmarks of Kolkata. The second one is the Victoria Memorial. It is an extremely beautiful structure which was built in 1921. It is a museum and a storehouse of some beautiful pieces of British art. The third one is the Fort William which is situated by the banks of the Hooghly River. It stores some of the twists and turns of the history and the area is surrounded by lush green gardens. The last one is the famous Eden gardens, a name which is known to everybody due to its famous cricketing history and its beautiful lush green area. The stadium is known to provide some of the finest facilities and is the second largest stadium of the World.

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