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Barcelona As A Tourist Destination

Barcelona is a city that conjures up images of stunning architecture, shopping, nightlife and art. As well as a history that can be explored in its cobbled streets, monuments and museums it’s also a popular destination known for a cosmopolitan lifestyle and modern outlook. Young people are attracted here for the clubbing and shopping whilst others flock here for the art galleries, culture, and stunning architectural designs.

Barcelona is also situated on the coast and with a summer that lasts around 6 months and mild winters you can head to the beach for a few days of sunbathing inbetween sightseeing. The city is in prime position for a short flight from nearby European cities and a convenient base to explore other parts of Spain, either by train or renting a car. If you have the time then a week in the city should be enough to see everything, if time is limited then you will just have to return again!

Barcelona is actually the capital of Catalan, a separate culture from Spain evidence of this can be seen in the language, arts, culture, food and entertainment on offer.

If you do find yourself on holiday in Barcelona then there are a few sights you just can’t afford to miss. The fascinatingly wonderful arcitecture designed by the Catalonian artist Antoni Gaudi is one of them. If you want to visit some of his works then The Sagrada Familia has to be the most important and the Park Gell the most unique. A trip to Monjuic Mountain to view the city from the coast to the surrounding mountains is also a treat. The mountain itself has plenty of things to explore including its natural beauty, the Olympic Stadium, The National Art Museum of Catalonia, the Magic Fountain, and lots more. And don’t forget the ancient castle dating back more than four centuries, and the wonderful New Botanical Gardens.

Book an apartment near to Las Ramblas and you’ll find yourself in the midst of everything. This long street is packed with stylish looking cafes and restaurants where you can sit out on the pavement and people watch, street artists with some interesting acts that will stop you in your tracks, and market type stalls selling a variety of novel and unique items.

Millions of people are drawn to Barcelona for its various attractions and nightlife. Flights can be booked at very inexpensive prices from most European cities and the flight time is short enough to make it viable for a short weekend break. People come for art trips, to go clubbing, for fun-filled hen and stag nights, and as a family sightseeing. Autumn is the best time of year to visit as the days are cooler and there are less tourists as schoolchildren return to school.

The very centre of the city has more than enough to keep you busy and walking around this pedestrianised area isn’t too tiring, however if you really want to explore the architecture and other sights then there are plenty of taxis to hail to save your aching feet. Or try the public transport the bus and metro system provide frequent services, are economical, and extend to most parts of the city even the outer limits.

Accommodation choices offer good value with many rental apartments, hotels and guest houses located in the city centre with inexpensive rates and high quality dcor. If you book something in the city then you can easily visit the main sights on foot and walk back to your hotel without getting too tired.

Eating out in Barcelona you will find an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruit, and seafood due to its coastal location. Popular ingredients in the local specialities include aubergines, sun-ripened tomatoes, artichoke, chickpea and anchovy. The locals here eat their main meal at lunchtime, pasta is popular as is paella, and generally have a lighter meal in the evenings which might consist of a small set of tapas or a torrada.

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