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Beijing International Auto Show (parts) Exhibition Tour Guide

Beijing Auto Show will be officially opened on the 23rd of this month, with the past, this year and vehicle parts and components exhibition booth will be separated from the old State Fair will assume its the “historic mission.”

In China Car Volume will reach 70 million to maintain the context of a huge automobile market and development prospects of profits are professionals who are given more attention. I believe many people visited the show in the same time, parts pavilion also will not miss.

Xiaobian special order the parts and components exhibition in the tour guide. If you want to visit, that time should not miss.

Time Posts Parts Pavilion exhibitors time April 23-27, we have to note that the audience show from the 27th day began, and components exhibition starting from the 27th over.

Beijing International Auto Show (parts) Pavilion Visitor Guide

Traffic articles From the airport: about 19.58 km

Bus: Jing Zhuang from the start, take a small 20 (Capital Airport – Dongzhimen), arrived at Beijing Capital International Airport.

– At the airport, take airport bus to the Sanyuan Bridge and get off, waiting for the bus transfer to the Jing Zhuang 300,830 get off.

– (Take a taxi to the airport and Exhibition Centre, takes about 50 yuan)

Car: southeast off to North Third Ring Road, go straight 1.8 km on the airport highway, 16 kilometers to reach.

From Subway: about 3.88 km (Dongzhimen Subway)

Bus: From the exhibition center, take the 966 (Dongzhimen – Ping Xifu).

– Lama Temple in Beijing to get off subway station, transfer to 606 bus will get off to the International Exhibition Center.

– (Playing a taxi to the Beijing International Exhibition Center station takes about 25 yuan)

From the railway station: about 15.22 kilometers (Beijing Railway Station)

Bus: By bus to Dongzhimen subway, take the subway to the Beijing Railway Station

– 387 Road in the Beijing West Railway Station by bus to Beitaipingzhuang off, transfer to 300 or 830 (air-conditioned cars), 730,731 Lu Jing Zhuang bus to get off.

– (At the West Railway Station take a taxi directly to the International Exhibition Center require about 40 yuan)

Beijing International Auto Show (parts) Pavilion Visitor Guide

Attachment: List of Bus Transfer 18 (exhibition center – small business): Exhibition Centre

104 Express (peace in the railway station – Beijing Railway Station): Exhibition Centre

300 (along the Third Ring Road): Jing Zhuang

302 (Ba Goucun – Xinzhuang): Jing Zhuang

367 (Ba Goucun – Exhibition Centre): Exhibition Centre

379 (New Community Education – Zuojiazhuang): Jing Zhuang

419 (Dongbeiwang Road – manna Park): Jing Zhuang

602 (Beiyuan Home – Exhibition Centre): Exhibition Centre

606 (East Lake – Dongzhimennei): Exhibition Centre

718 (kangjiagou – Yihushanzhuang): Jing Zhuang

725 (South Park – an acre of park): Jing Zhuang

825 (4 Hui – acre park): Jing Zhuang

730 (along the Third Ring Road): Jing Zhuang

830 (along the Third Ring Road): Jing Zhuang

731 (Health South Station – Wudaokou market): Jing Zhuang

831 (Party – Xiran Village): Jing Zhuang

735 (Calendula – Fairview land market): Jing Zhuang

835 (Landmark Factory – Fairview land market): Jing Chuang

801 (North palace – HIT East Station): Jing Chuang

847 (Douge Zhuang village government – Dushifangyuan): Jing Zhuang

957 branches (Fengtai West Station – Peace Street North Exit East Station): Jing Zhuang

966 (Dongzhimen – Ping Xifu): Exhibition Centre

967 (North ridge – Hong Yi Driving): Jing Zhuang

Point 8: Jing Zhuang

Express 104, a small 35 Road, Little 46, Road: Jing Zhuang

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