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Best Places To See in Dubai

Dubai is ranked as the top financial hub of the middle east, and is a city which always stretches the boundaries in culture and modernisation. Dubai strives for newer innovative systems and amenities in delivering a positive city, consisting world class hotels, shopping malls and sports facilities.

Dubai International Airport greets hundreds of thousands of guests who arrive to experience holiday rentals in Dubai, or guests who make connecting flights to Europe, Asia and other parts of the world, for business and pleasure.


Dubai Mall: is the largest shopping mall in the world. The shopping center serves several of the most famous brands in the world now, as well as a number of immensly well known attractions comprising a huge indoor aquarium and outdoor water fountain.

Wafi Mall: also serves for luxury brands, consisting of jewelry and boutiques famous among the locals, and the influential holiday makers. Wafi is primarily based around Egyptian design and contains Wafi Pyramids, which serves some amazing restaurants, spas and bars. Furthermore at Wafi, you shall find the Dubai Raffles Hotel, another one of Dubai’s five star hotels.


Bride Event: More than 300 corporations from 16 destinations worldwide come to Dubai to take part in the Bride Show, and present everything from wedding wear to honeymoon hotspots. The exhibition is yearly, and is primarily dedicated to the bride.


Several Dubai travel agencies and tour operators allow discounts if vacationers books through them first, if not you can make your own bookings on the net.

Atlantis Dubai Aquarium

The modern Aquarium at the Atlantis Dubai includes several of the most amazing fish in the world. The aquarium can be viewed from within and outside of the hotel, and is a must to visit.


The age-old Bastakiya town of Dubai is a wander down memory lane, for locals in any case. This demonstrates what it was like in Dubai well before electricity and air-conditioning became conventional. Before current times, courtyard dwellings used to be cooled by wind towers, which continues to be a common characteristic in Arabian design, whether it’s a hotel or villa in Dubai.


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