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Bodrum Travel Guide

Bodrum has an attractive coastline and great climate, which has contributed to its fame as a tourist destination. The city is in the southwestern part of the Aegan region in Turkey. It has a mediterranean climate where winter is mild and summer hot. It gets a lot of rainfall during winter while the summers are usually dry. Between July and August, the temperature tends to rise above 30 degrees.

Bodrum lies on the ruins of the ancient town of Halicarnassus, whose history dates to the 13th century BC. Its original settlers were the Carians. Mausolus ruled the city on behalf of the Persians between 377 and 353 BC. Artemisia II took the reign upon the death of Mausolus. She hired four sculptors and two Greek architects to construct the tomb of Mausolus and a monument. An earthquake destroyed the Mausoleum 1,700 years later.

When the Crusader Knights came to the city in 1402, they erected a castle from the remains of the structure. The castle is presently a special museum where you will find many valuable items. It is just one of the numerous attractions found in Bodrum. Here are other places of interest.

The Ancient Amphitheater

This amphitheater was built about 2,000 years ago and is presently along the main highway in the city. From the amphitheater, you can see the harbor.

Underwater Archeology Museum

As its name indicates, the museum focuses on underwater archeology. You will not only see some of the special items found in the sea but also learn about the special technique that the archaeologists use in recovering things underwater.

Various ancient remains

There are also several other remains that you can see at Bodrum. Towards the northeast, there are the ruins of Doric Stoa and an ancient theater is towards the northwest. On the eastern part of the naval harbor was the Mausolos, which was erected in the 4th century. Agora was on the northern part of the harbor. You will find the remains of these places either at their original sites or in the museums.


You already know that Bodrum has great beaches from the beginning of the article. Torba village is where you will find some of the best beaches. The village is just five kilometers away from Bodrum. Adding to the beauty of the beaches are olive trees and pines.

Aqua Parks

Bodrum has two aqua parks where you will have the opportunity to learn about marine life.

Apart from the places that you can visit, there are many activities that you can take part in, including diving, wind surfing, horseback riding and rafting.

When you want to travel to Bodrum, you should preferably plan your visit between May and October. There are a number of things you must consider when you are deciding what to carry.

– If you are a woman, carry a headscarf that you will use when you visit a mosque.

– Carry things that will help you protect yourself from the sun and heat, including hats and sunglasses.

– Pack light clothing and some warmer ones for the cooler evenings.

– Do not wear slippery shoes, especially if you are visiting archaeological sites.

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