The Jim Corbett National Park which is India’s oldest National Park offers you a comfortable wildlife safari tour. The Corbett safari tour brings to you a real life experience of thrill and adventure. It’s a dream tour for the adventure freaks. The Corbett National Park is located in the laps of the majestic Himalayas. One can enjoy a variety of wildlife tours available here in order to get a more vivid picture of the wildlife in its natural habitat. Corbett National park is a heaven for a variety of flora and fauna and his diversity in its habitat makes it one of the most spectacular wildlife sanctuaries of the country. The various safari options available at Corbett National Park include the Jeep safari, Canter safari and elephant safari, . Dhikala jeep safari gives one an opportunity to enter into the biggest forest Zone in the entire National Park.

Canter Safari:

Canter safari is available at the Dhikala forest zone, and is the most preferred mode to explore the Dhikala region. In the day time a canter safari is the best way to go deep into the mystic ways of the Dhikala zone. A Canter usually starts from Ramnagar area in the morning and returns back in the afternoon.

Elephant safari:

Elephant safari is the most sought for safari option in the Corbett National Park. It gives an opportunity to be in close proximity to the flora and fauna in and around the park. With the help of Elephant safari one can delve deep into the splendid natural habitat and the scenic beauty of the Corbett National Park. Another option which is available with the Elephant safari is the long Elephant safari, where one can also stay in the lodges inside the park having a heavenly experience of the deep forest and getting ample time to view and analyze the diverse inhabitation at the place.

Corbett Safari Packages:

There are various safari tour packages at Corbett National Park designed to deliver you the maximum thrill and adventure at reasonable prices. During the entire tour period there are adequate and efficient arrangements for fooding and lodging of the tourists. Along the tour one gets time to relax and enjoy the diligence and chasteness of Nature and then move further to explore more thrill and spectacular avenues.

Our aim is to provide best tour packages for Corbett, elephant safari, canter safari and jeep safari in Corbett with online booking facility. These all entire things make your journey adventurous and thrills.

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