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Corbett With Agra Tour, World Heritage Tour Of India

A tour to India takes everyone to the lanes of diversity, divinity and serenity. So while you visit the capital city of India – Delhi, you must cover the nearby areas completely to get the perfect view of diverse India. The view of panorama is lying everywhere in Himalayas. Set in the north of India this works as a wall for the country. This wall is posted with all colors of nature. In this beautiful valley beside the River koshi is the first Natural Reserve of India, Jim Corbett National Park located. This is the hub of wild life in India and is the serene valley gets wild with the presence of them. Corbett Tour Packages will take you to the lanes of those untold mysteries unveiled in front of you making you take a proper thrilling tour.

Corbett tour packages generally take you around one week and while you stay in Delhi make out time for the same. This is a many fold feather cap for you. This world heritage site is true living dream for visitors. A short weekend trip to the reserve along with Safari in the Corbett will make your dream come true. The safaris will take you to unveil the curtain of nature and make you get to see the awe inspiring wild animals like tiger and voluptuous wolfs. Along with this the wonder of chirping birds of 250 species makes you get to see the softer side of the wild jungle safari trip.

The trip is never complete without proper accommodation. Thousands of people spill themselves into the lap of Himalayas with in the Jim Corbett National Park and keeping this in mind the accommodations are ready with various types of facilities. The distance between Delhi to Corbett is around 262 kilometers and you will be able to cover this journey both in train as also in car. After finishing this journey take a small break in the Hotels in Corbett. Like this trip take a short journey to the land of Love while you stay in Delhi. Come back and take a trip of Agra. Agra is rightly the destination for you to see the Taj another world heritage journey that you can cover while you stay in Delhi. While you check out from the Hotels in Corbett after having a perfect morning safari come back to Delhi take rest for the day and then evening drive to Agra. Take a look how peace of this place makes you see the contrast with Jim Corbett.

There see the beauty and the monument of love Taj and its shadow on Yamuna river standing thousands of years as memento of love and make yourself realize the beauty of India. The Corbett with Agra Tour is like a complete view of India with all its beauty and serenity. The city of Agra is one of the oldest ones in the country the heritage will make you realize the Indian culture along with the presence of Taj which will make you fall in love and come here again and again.

With excellent facilities the excitement of tour gets double. Keeping it in mind corbettnationalpark-india.com provides you best Corbett Tour Packages , forest lodges in Corbett, safari zones in Corbett, Adventure Tours In Corbett National Park and more.

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