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Enjoy the Ultimate Holiday Destination

Thailand, the country of elephants, the famous tuk-tuks, the panoramic beaches and the warm people is the number one place to enjoy your holidays! The country’s capital, Bangkok, is the centre of all economical, political and commercial affairs. It comprises of various ethnic groups thereby having a vast and rich heritage. Its history includes the likes of British, Portuguese and French colonialism and also boasts of various famous architectural facades.

Thailand includes some of the most famous tourist destinations in the world such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Hua Hin, Khao Lak and Trang. Its traditions involve great influences of the Indian, Chinese and Cambodian cultures. The Ancient City is a theme park that boasts of several ancient Thai monuments and includes the display of the native art and folklore. Bangkok is also known as the “Venice of the East” for the various networks of canals also called “Klongs” which are used by many residents for commuting using small boats. These Klongs lead to the invention of the famous Floating Markets where commerce is highly accelerated. These floating markets house numerous floating shops that sell food, flowers, display culinary skills and much more.

Enter an Exotic World

Chiang Mai is one among the various major cities in Thailand and the centre of teak forests that is home to various elephants, caves and waterfalls. Elephant Trekking is a major tourist activity offered here. The island of Phuket is one of the resorts in the Indian Ocean and is better known as the “James Bond Island” because of its reputation of having been appeared in many of the classic movie series. The island is a little nook where you can dissolve in its scenic beauty. It is also a popular place for diving activities.

Pattaya is a bay area and famously known for its beaches. It consists of various beachside hotels, bars, restaurants and shops. It is the central hub for various water sports activities like jet skiing, parasailing, paragliding, underwater walking, canoeing, snorkeling and many more. Shopaholics can go wild and bizarre with the opportunities provided here in Thailand. It is known for its famous Indra Market and Chinatown in Bangkok where you can spoil yourself and lighten your wallet by indulging in some very reasonable yet glitzy shopping. For all those enthusiastic foodies out there, Thailand has a lot in store for you too! Some of the popular local Thai delicacies include Tom Yam, Miang Kham and other popular favorites. Excitehotels.com offers very reasonably priced hotels in Thailand for your comfort. So go ahead and pack your bags for everything that awaits you in this enchanting country.

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