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Holidays To Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand is a constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia that features a wealth of destinations for tourists. Tourism plays a major role in the Thai economy, with over 14 million tourists taking holidays to Thailand vacation in 2007. Japanese tourists form the largest visiting group to Thailand, with significant numbers of tourists also coming from the United States, Germany, Malaysia, Scandinavia, and the United Kingdom.

Bangkok is the capital, and offers many cultural and natural sites in its immediate vicinity. Tourists also come to Thailand for the beaches in the south of the country, and adventure trekking in the northern forests and mountains.

Many holidays to Thailand begin in Bangkok because of its clean, efficient international airport and welcoming attitude of this beautiful city. Bangkok contains many of the royal family’s palaces, and perhaps the greatest of all is The Grand Palace. While the King of Thailand does not currently live in the Grand Palace, it is still used for ceremonial occasions. There are four buildings that make up The Grand Palace (Wat Pra Kaew in Thai), and can be admired from the outside since the buildings are not open to the public. The first thing that strikes the visitor are the colors: masses of gold leaf, red, green, yellow, and orange. A must see is the Emerald Buddha; while it is tiny compared to many you will see in Thailand, it has immense significance to the Thai people.

Diving, sport fishing, and snorkeling can be found in Phang-Nga bay; the perfect adventure holiday in Thailand can be found on this bay on the Andaman Sea in south-western Thailand. Khao Lak -Lamro Park features hills, beaches, and cliffs teeming with wildlife and opportunities for adventure. Another beautiful site in the Park is the Ko Panyi fishing village, which is built entirely on stilts in the middle of a mangrove swamp.

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