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Honeymoon Tour Packages in India: Kerala Tours for the Romantic

The dense green forests and unique eco-zones of Kerala is the playground of the Nature, where it used its creativity and vivid colors to give form to rare animals, birds, butterflies, fishes, and amphibians. The God’s Own Country – Kerala – is the place fit for the Apsaras to descend down from the paradise and frolic in sea waves and float down its backwaters. Romantic to the core, Kerala Tours, which form part of the honeymoon tour packages in India, are about calm and solitude and amazing panoramas that you can enjoy together.

Kerala, with all its similarity with other Indian states and the Oriental world, stands apart for its sagacity and its deep intuitive connection with its own intrinsic and highly evolved culture and traditions. Ayurveda, the alternative lifestyle and wellness program that has taken the world by storm, has the background of about 6000 years of research and experience.

The most famed Ayurveda spa resorts of Kerala are known for offering strictly traditional massage therapies and treatments, as well as combining the techniques of world’s best known forms of massage therapies such as Swiss massages and Shiastu massage with Ayurvedic massage techniques to help you in relaxing your mind and body completely and rejuvenate you to take life full-on once again.

These spa resorts often offer you interesting spaces to indulge in Yoga and meditation and strategically choose a location, which offers you the scenery to enhance your experience, whether it is greenery or views of the sea. The honeymoon packages in India often feature Kerala Ayurveda Resorts that allow you to be together and work on your relationship with new vigor and enthusiasm.

For those who are young and love fun, tropical beaches of India are the place to be. Goa beaches are famous for their carnivals and raging night parties but beaches of Kerala are for adults who want to enjoy sea and sands – away from crowds with only their partner in focus. The beaches of Cochin and Kovalam are delightful with coconut and palm trees swaying with the winds forming a neat line on the periphery of the seashore. You will love the soft golden sands, where you sit hand-in-hand of your partner, and watch the sun rising from the sea in the morning and sinking again into it in the evening. The beautiful tan is for free as you and your beloved build the sand castles, collect shells, or ride the waves in the sea.

But we save the best of Kerala honeymoon tours for the last that features luxury houseboat cruises on Kerala backwaters. The best motor vessels are often moored at the Vembanad Lake at night and include some of the finest performances of classical dances of Kerala as well as the Carnatic Music. Mohiniattam – the dance form of the Apsaras (divine maidens) to lure the men may offer you an interesting insight into your own relationships while the Kathakali – the war dance of the Gods and demons – may impress you with all the elaborate headgears, face painting, and multi-hued costumes. The sensation of just floating down the river with forests on both the sides and meals on deck will surely make your honeymoon tour in India an unforgettable one.

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