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India Tour Destination- A Wonderful Holiday Destination

India is one of the most coveted holiday destinations in the world. With surprisingly large and varied number of tourist destinations spread across India, tourists from all over the world come here for a unique holiday experience. India Tours unfold a whole gamut of wonderful holiday experiences. There are some very strong factors that make India one of the wonders as holiday destination.

The Benevolent Nature:

Nature has been benevolent in most parts of the country and many of them boast of tremendous natural beauty. Nature lovers find India to be topical paradise. From the lofty mountains to the deep seas, from the youthful waterfalls to the mysterious forests, the handy work of nature in its most artistic form is spread across the country. India tours take you to the abode of nature. The pristine beauty of the Himalayan Mountains and the surrounding places can steal one out of senses. Nature is in its most gracious form in the tranquil beaches and it is a pleasure to watch the sea waves cuddling the sea shore. The jungles are such where there is still the rule of the wild and mystery of the unknown.

The Historical Past:

The rich historical past which includes names as ancient as the Indus Valley civilization and as recent as the colonial rule of the British has given rise to hysterical number of historical monuments, forts and palaces and many other inscriptions of the past. Many of these are magnificent and are visited by tourists from all over the world. The forts and palaces at Rajasthan are true amazing, the enormous size of these forts and palaces, the extravagant decoration and the royalty displayed are truly engrossing.

The Taj Mahal needs no introduction and is the premium tourist destination of India Tour. This monument wrought in white marble is the epitome of love and is the tomb of emperor Sahjahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Apart from these there are numerous forts and monuments spread across the country and even the ruins as one of Hampi serve as brilliant holiday destination in India.

The Spirituality:

Pilgrims form a major portion of India tours. India Tours take one to many famous pilgrimages irrespective of the cast and creed. Many of the temples, mosques and churches exhibit brilliant architectural work and are visited by many tourist from all across the world who are left with awe after witnessing the wonderful mastery of architecture. The temples located at south India are specially known for their brilliant stone cut architecture. Many churches exhibit gothic style of architecture and the mosques are the brilliant specimens of Islamic architecture. India tours also includes visit to some of the gigantic Buddhist and Jain busts that are often cut out of single rock.

True, India tour is vast aspect and takes time and zeal to encompass the whole arena of beauty and splendor.

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