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Jammu Kashmir Tourism

Kashmir Tourism is enhanced by this beautiful place of Kashmir. Here the visitors in massive number collect here come to see the beautiful spectacular valley of Kashmir, the romantic Mughal Gardens, the scintillating beautiful Landscapes, lilly loaded lakes. These are the a few of the tourist attractions that are highly sought after by the visitors.

Kashmir is lovingly called the Crowned Glory of India and it is located in the northern most part of India. The beautiful Kashmir is endowed by the snow capped mountains, the green verdant forest, attractive river. Kashmir is one of the most indispensable major tourist destinations for the visitors from the whole world. Kashmir lovingly is also called the Paradise on the Earth. This beautiful place is dotted with the picturesque attractions like the Mughal Gardens, awe-some landscape, placid lakes, beautiful hill resort and some incredible and exquisite holly pilgrimages. Ladakh in the adjoining area is extremely beautiful and is famous tourist destinations from the world too.

Jammu is situated in the southern most part of this beautiful state. The three attractive rivers the Ravi, Chenab and Tawi meandering their way through the Jammu carving splendid gorges that is adding a charm and beauty to this splendid Jammu which is and a major tourist attraction in Kashmir. Well, there several magnificent attractions but the most famous are the Meenakshi temple, Bahu-Ram temple, Amar-Baba temple etc and thay are plenty of more attractions for the visitors for visit. Jammu is also famous for its Mountains and green forest.

Patnitop is a actual treat for the tourist here to this place is situated at the height of 2024 above the sea level and 112 km beautiful from the Jammu. there is no any words that can express the beautiful hill resort. This hill station is beautifully dotted with picturesque green landscape, its green mountains, the verdant forest of backbone and ferns and plenty of like. in case you are here in winters so you will be finding this green place turned to caped by the snow that gives a panoramic view to this hill town. in case you require some time to be with yourself far from the noisy city than this destination would give you pace and extremely happy time. Tourist in great number comes to this place for some quiet time and spent some time with nature. Do not let these holiday go in vein so contact some leading tour operator who can offer great facility on Kashmir tour package thus carving in your heart the picturesque images of Kashmir that can always be share with great relish to your friends and you relatives.

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