The city offers nothing less than amazing vacation experiences, so what are you waiting for? Just hop onto a cheap flight to Johannesburg and come on to the sunny side of life. Loads of urban fun, plenty of history to be dug up, a variety of cultural and heritage sites to be visited and mouth-watering food to be relished, Johannesburg never lets anybody down. Students, savvy couples, budget travelers, elderly people or the more discerning tourists, satisfying one and all defines tourism in the city. Consequentially, it isn’t hard to find cheap flights to Johannesburg, there are many doing the rounds. Very rich and affluent as far as culture and heritage is concerned, the city showcases the same through varied aspects. Museums that give one a dekko at South Africa’s past, art galleries showing works of local and international artists, various ancient townships, archeological sites, and other significant landmarks. In fact, talking of important buildings and sites, Johannesburg is dotted with these, including the Constitution Hill, Soweto, JAG, Apartheid Museum, Gold Mine, and the Civic Theatre. A choc-o-bloc event’s calendar makes sure that you have one thrilling time in the city. Music, film and art festivals, art exhibitions, events held by cultural centers, religious occasions, sporting events, traditional and avant-garde theatrical performances, and what not. Apart from exploring the city, one can book guided tours and group excursions, one of the great ways to come across the natural beauty surrounding Jo’burg.  Verdant and expansive countryside, picturesque picnic locales, stunning mountains and many other striking vistas is what one witnesses. An exciting day spent sightseeing around town gives way to an equally appealing night life. after all the roaming about the alleyways and lanes of Jo’burg, you should refresh yourself for the long night ahead, it is for sure going to be a rocking one, courtesy the city’s eclectic mix of offerings after-the-dark. Fancy restaurants letting you relish a nice authentic or fusion meal, bars and pubs serving the best of liquor, elegant readies cafes filled with likeminded locals and tourists chatting away to glory, discotheques churning out one great dance number after the other, and elaborate lounges offering an ambience like none other, fun has many ways of reaching to in the city.

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