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India Luxury Tours – It is all for the luxury!

When it comes to a luxury tour, there is only one thing that comes to every mind, i.e. palaces, kings, forts, any everything else royal, completely royal. Extreme air of comfort, everything done at your one command and you being treated as someone who is just so respected.

In India, when it comes to luxury and a luxury tour India, we promise you the best of the services and the best of the experience that you just cannot forget it all your life. When it comes to luxury tours to India it is mostly Rajasthan which offers its palaces to be at the feel of being royal.

Palaces of Udaipur and jaipur are all what one can ask for when it comes to living royal. These palaces are very famous and appreciated world wide for their still alive legacy and the princely ambience still being intact at the place.
The tours are designed with your comfort and ease and also preference. A guided tour around the palaces is also on the list. We take care of every detail and every little comfort of your to the best care.

For India luxury tours you can also go on the luxury train which takes one on a tour of places and has a complete royalty inside the train. The insides are all luxurious to make you feel completely royal. On the train one can see and experience the extreme scenic beauty and as a train go with the moving train move a lot of landscapes on your way and you can get into the feel of this travel.

With luxury tour India, you can go and visit the epitome of love, the magnificent Taj Mahal, which is also the seventh wonder of the world and this is place which reminds one of the greatness of the times of the kings, and the queens , the times of Mahals and times which have left such great architecture to the country, that every monument talks and expresses.

Also is the Golden Temple of Amritsar. A Gurudwara which has gold leaves to it which make such a beautiful scene for the viewers that one is left ablazed by the sight.

One can also experience the rich and splendid experience at the Kerala backwaters, there is so much to make you feel royal, good and great that you will want to come here again and again.

The different spas and treatments one gets there are world reknown and are believed o give one a complete change. They are so luxurious that you just feel so fresh and ultimate that you would surely not forget the experience even days after going back.

India has a lot of history which is linked to the princes and princess . every land here has some or the other unique royal history to it and we bet you would fall in love with the royal feel of the place.

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