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Orlando’s Top Six Places Along Loch Haven Park

Orlando is one of the cities in Florida where diverse culture and great people abide. The Loch Haven Park serves as Orlando’s cultural corridor because there are a lot of centers and museums which you can actually spend quality time with. Here are the top six most visited venues;

1. Orlando Museum of Art – what can you expect from a museum? Actually, there’s a lot to be seen inside this art museum. Before you enter, you will be amazed by the brilliant minds that made its design possible. However, you will be left in awe once you are inside to witness a wide range of American landscapes and portraits.

2. Shakespeare Center – this place has been the house of Orlando Science Center before it became John & Rita Lowndes Shakespeare Center. Along the lobby, when you enter this facility, you will be welcomed by the life size portrait of Queen Elizabeth while reading the names of the generous donors who helped making such facility conducive to hold lots of memories of the past.

3. Orlando Science Center – if you are fond of observing technical inventions or the ones which you cannot just see around the corner, then it could be the perfect place for you. Orlando Science Center has been one of the most visited places in the city.

4. Chihuly Glass Sculpture – adorned with glossy and shiny glass pieces, Chihuly Glass Sculpture is unique and you can never see another sculpture made of glass but in Orlando alone. It is a real piece of the art considering the fact that you will need to have the hands of the artist to mold a glass into something which everyone can recognized as art. You will be able to witness it at the entrance of Orland Museum of Art. This sculpture was the product of Dale Chihuly’s brilliant mind.

5. Orlando Repertory Theater – are you traveling with your children? If so, Orlando Repertory Theater would be one of the perfect places for family entertainment. There are a lot of family-friendly performances which children would also love to watch. Traveling is not just for adults, it is also for children. Do not let your children be sad because of lack of enjoyment during your vacation. Bring them here where they can express their mentality of being children.

6. Mennello Museum of American Art – a collection of the most beautiful American art can be found here. If you are an art lover and would want to feel the emotions displayed in each and every piece of art inside this museum, then you will need a day or two to finish all the exhibits. Earl Cunningham’s paintings can also be found here.

There are plenty of beautiful things you can do whenever you are in Loch Haven Park in Orlando. Aside from pure excitement which goes with traveling, you will feel the ambience of a friendly place plus you are enjoying every second of your stay either with your family or friends. Therefore, if ever you are planning of visiting Orlando during holidays or summertime, always include Loch Haven Park in your list.

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