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Places and heritage tourism along the Himalayas


India is one of the oldest civilizations with its history going as far back as c5000 B.C. It has seen huge ups and downs in its entire history with centuries of foreign rule.

It has been one of the most tolerant and absorbing society. The mark of different historical structures can be seen all over the country. Pakistan and Bangladesh were part of this historical country before 1947. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh together constitute Indian subcontinent.

Every travel lover should travel India at least once in his life time. There is something for everyone in this country. All of its major cities are fully accessible by air from any quarter of the world.

Places and heritage tourism along the Himalayas are have a particular charm. Darjeeling, Dharamsala, Simla etc. fall in the cream of tourist attractions.

Kashmir in the north constituted the darling of tourists till 1990. However, unfortunately with the onset of violence by some mad people after 1990, this place lost a large number of tourists. From the top most place for tourists in India, it suddenly became a dream. The situation has improved a little and the tourists have started coming back.

For a foreign tourist, most of the places tovisit India will offer something interesting. If one wants to see historical places, they are all over India. Most promising of them are Rajasthan, Uttar Paradeh, Delhi, central India etc. Taj Mahal is now one of the seven wonders. That is a living love story and a mark of lasting beauty and glory.

One can go to the south and see entirely different culture, nature and communities. It is a repository of some of the finest temples and architecture of the world.

One can see the elements of modernity and traditional society existing side by side. One can find primitive things and the most modern facilities around. One can also see poorest and rich people living side by side. There are high risers and low residences.

India holidays can be extremely economical. One can live from a small budget to a luxury stay. Whatever, one wants to live with, one can find it.

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