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Places For Tourists In Spain “?”castilla And Leon

The north of Spain

The north of Spain has been described as being vast, sometimes harsh, but it will never cease being fascinating; it will never stop attracting tourists, because it is one of the most beautiful regions in Spain. It is the place where you can admire and explore hidden villages, the mysterious monasteries and churches, the place where you can get lost in the beauty of the landscape. The north of Spain is also known as Castilla and Leon and it is formed out of nine provinces. The most attractive cities are Valladolid, Leon and Salamanca. Castilla and Leon represent the Old Castilla, the Root Kingdom of Madrid.

Visiting Leon

Leon is lively and attractive; the most beautiful part of it is the old city, surrounded by walls. Cars are not allowed here, so nothing will distract you from visiting this fabulous place. The Catedral of Leon (Leon Cathedral) should be on your sightseeing list. It is special because of its decorations: more than one hundred stained glass pieces cover 1,800 square meters. Bazilica San Isidoro is an example of the Roman vestiges that used to occupy the northern part of the old town. The basilica hosts the Panteon de los Reyes and a very selective museum.

Going to Zamora

Zamora is considered a museum of romantic art due to the great number of monuments that are vestiges of the heritage left by the Romans. Palacio de Los Momos is built in an Isabelian style, which stands out due to its abundancy of ornamentations. Palacio del Cordon was built following the Renaissance architectural style and the Santa Maria la Nueva Cathedral combines several architectural styles. Even though Zamora hosts so many architectural styles, the combination is very inspired and well balanced.


The city is very modern, but the historical part of it is preserved with great enthusiasm by the locals. The Museo Nacional de Escultura (National Sculpture Museum) hosts one of the most impressive sculpture collections in Spain. The Valladolid Cathedral is worth visiting because it is a combination of styles; the Baroque decorations are amazing, as well as the Gothic ones.


If you choose to visit this part of Spain, you will definitely get into contact with its traditions and the customs of this amazing country. The exotism of your holiday shouldnt be spoilt by a rigid hotel. Villas are wonderful when it comes to accommodation: private, relaxing, comfortable, they are amazing!!!

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