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Places for tourists in Spain ?VISITING AGAETE

Wondering in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are grouped in the Atlantic Ocean, 1ooo kilometres south of Spain and just 115 kilometres from the African Coast. These robust, volcanic, Spanish islands have proved to be the most popular holiday destination for north Europeans and if you are a tourist with just a little bit of initiative, you will find here an endless oasis of amazing beauty and an ideal territory for hiking. Gran Canaria is the most populated island, due to the 50 kilometres of beaches and the incredibly varied landscapes. It is in Gran Canaria where you will find Agaete.

Agaete and Its Surprises

Agaete is a very tranquil town located on a very steep rock on the coastline of Gran Canaria and to be more exact, on its north-western coastline. There is a special flavour when it comes to Agaete: people come here attracted by the beauty of the landscape, as Agaete is surrounded by terraces cultivated with banana, papayas, oranges, which grow well in the tropical climate. Tourists also go to Agaete because it offers the possibility of enjoying the sun and the wonderful beaches in a place which is not crowded at all. Most of the tourists prefer choosing the more famous resorts in Gran Canaria. The town has a few attractions which give it the typical Spanish look: the Nuestra Senora de la Conception, dating back to the 19th century is situated in the centre of the historical quarter; the church attracts the eyes with its red dome. The botanical gardens where it is thought that the great poet Tomas Morales wrote some of his works are also an important attraction of the city; hosting the great majority of the c

ultural events in town, the gardens represent a central point of the town’s life.

Other Activities

If you are bored with visiting the townhouses and the narrow, winding streets, you can go to Reptilandia Park, which is just a few kilometres away from Agaete; you’ll find here some of the most exotic and unusual reptile species. A short trip to Puerto de la Nieves is also a very relaxing activity; a ferry will take you there in about 60 minutes, so you can relax and enjoy the view. Last but not least, participate in one of the fiestas or in one of the carnivals that take part in Agaete; the town is very renowned for having its own tradition in organizing this kind of events aimed to entertain. You will find more about the culture and the traditions of the Spaniards if you attend such an event. Have a nice holiday!

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