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Places of Interest For Tourists in Spain – Formentera

Just hire a boat or take the public ferry service and in about one hour south from Ibiza, you will reach a small island called Formentera. Actually this is an archipelago and Formentera is a part of the Balearic Islands. This is located at the remote corner and the ferry is the only means of travel available. This is one of the unspoiled islands of Spain. This is considered one of the precious jewels of Mediterranean Sea. The entire island of Formentera covers an area of about 85 sq. kms. The island has maintained its natural beauty; the government has not allowed any industry in this island, except for salt mining.

Brief history:

It has a history of about 4000 years starting with the Greeks to the Romans and finally the Moors. The king of Aragon, Jaime I, took control of the island in 1235. Unfortunately the island was frequently attacked by pirates. However, this menace was completely eradicated by the stern action of the Government of Spain. Presently, the island has a population of about 7,500 inhabitants based on the 2002 census.

Places to visit:

Interestingly this remote island also has many places to visit. The fortified church is one of the most interesting places on the island. This church is believed to have been built in 1729. The place where the church is located is now called the Plaza Principal or Principal Square. This most imposing church with sea around and vast beach is certainly a pleasure to look at.

The Ethnological Museum is another place to visit which no visitor should miss. This is one of the oldest museums in Spain. The uniqueness of this museum is that it takes us several centuries back. Antique household utensils, machines used in the making of wine, musical instruments, and many works of art are all on display in this museum. This museum attracts large numbers of visitors every day. Except on Sunday, the museum is kept open 10 to 14 hours.

Sant Francesc Xavier is another building worth visiting. Actually this building houses the island’s government offices. The uniqueness of this building is its strategic location; it is sea all round and the building is surrounded by two lakes.

Cap de Barbaria light house is just 7 kilometers away. There is another lighthouse called Es Far de Sa Mola. The Ca Na Costa tomb belonging to the megalithic period (1800 to 1600 BC) is also located here. This is the ideal place to buy jewelry, ceramics, artworks, clothes, etc.

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