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Places of tourist interest in Spain – Castello de la Plana

If you are a lover of nature and if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature and a coast line with a long stretch of tall mountains, then there is no better place than the Castello do la Plana. This is a part of the Valencian community and the capital of the province of Castellon. Known for its treacherous mountain range stretching parallel to the Mediterranean Sea for a distance of about 112 kms, the place is most popular for its natural beauty. The beautiful beach, rich vegetation and the tall mountain range are welcome signs for the tourists to spend their holiday in the midst of stunningly beautiful scenery of nature.  

Brief history:

The town of Castello de la Plana was built by an order of His Majesty King Jaume who in the year 1251 ordered people to move from the mountain to the present city, thereby signifying the birth of the city. The people of Castello have the tradition of working with ceramics which they are believed to have learnt from the Arabs.

Places to visit:

Castello is blessed with many natural spots like Desert de les Palmes which has one of the oldest monasteries of Spain. The other popular place of visit is the natural park called ‘Serra d’Espada’. This park is known for its cork trees. Although use of Cork has reduced considerably, the government of Spain has made efforts to retain this park as a place of interest for the tourists so that they can get an insight into the history of the city. Tourists are advised not to miss the tallest mountain range called  Castelló, Penyagolosa. In fact, this mountain range receives the highest number of visitors during the tourist season. The natural park called Columbretes Islands is located about 30 kms from the coast of Castello. This is the most beautiful tourist spot. The island has many tiny villages which have a tradition of their own. The villages have small but beautifully laid out roads and some historical buildings. The province of Castello is blessed with the most beautiful beach, a wild mountain range and a plain rich in vegetation. Like all other beaches in Spain, the beach in Castello has many water sports including sailing, fishing, etc.

Where to stay?

Many luxurious villas, apartments and hotels are available throughout the Castello province which ensures a quiet stay for the tourists. The hotels, restaurants and bars provide the most delicious food and wine at reasonable rates.

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