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Places of tourist interest in Spain ? Cullera

The places of interest are quite enormous in Spain. This is the unified opinion of those who tour Spain. It is something amazing. Beautiful nature, population that has been influenced by many civilizations, historical buildings, museums, parks; in short, Spain is the most ideal place for those who want to spend their holiday with a purpose. The tourist gets what he wants; a quiet place to relax, mouth watering cuisine, tasty wine and a bountifully beautiful nature. It is no surprise that a place with so much to enjoy is the first choice among tourists.

The tiny town Cullera:

Tourists say that once you visit Spain, you are tempted to visit the place again and again. There is no place in Spain which does not attract tourists. Even a tiny village has so much to offer for a tourist that one will be surprised. Take for example the small town of Cullera of the Valencia province. This tiny town located at a distance of about 40 kms from Valencia and at the mouth of the great river Jucar is blessed with one of the most stunningly beautiful beaches of Spain.

This tiny town has many fresh water lagoons and a very vast landscape that is rich in vegetation. Many varieties of fruits and flowers are grown here. Apart from this, the landscape is full of greenery. The famous Albufera nature reserve is located in Cullera.

The beautiful beach offers a variety of water sports for the tourists. There is a long walking path and a separate path for cycling. The relatively calm beach is safe even for children and old people. The restaurants which are lined up on the beach offer a variety of sea food and many rice specialties. The place to the north of the lighthouse is quite calm and authorities say that this area is so safe that one can swim alone. Interestingly the light house is located on the nearby Sierra de Las Zorras hill. One can trek to the hill to have a view of the beautiful nature around. During summer tourists take to wind surfing. Pedal boat is another popular game of Cullera. Not far from the beach is a fresh water lake.

Cullera is one of the popular cosmopolitan towns of Valencia province. Luxurious villas and apartments are located in close proximity to the beach. The tourist is assured of a quiet environment so that he can enjoy his holiday. In short, Cullera is the most ideal place to enjoy a holiday in the midst of beautiful nature.

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