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Places of tourist interest in Spain – Morella

Those who visit Spain find that the country was greatly influenced by some of the ancient civilizations like Greeks, Romans and Moors before being taken over by Christian rulers. In fact, even to this day, in many places people follow the religious practices of these civilizations. Interestingly, in spite of these diverse religious faiths and beliefs, people in Spain live in an atmosphere of harmony and understanding. At the same time, the monuments built by people of these ancient civilizations can be seen in Spain even to this day. These monumental buildings have been preserved; thanks to the painstaking effort of the Government of Spain.


In Spain, every place is of interest for the tourist. For example, now we will visit a town called Morella. This is a part of the Valencia community and located at the historic region called the Maestrazgo. Historians say that this town of Morella was under the influence of Romans, Visigoths and Moors. Being located at the most strategic position, the town was under attack during the Spanish Civil war. With a population of little over 2000 people, the town is one of the most interesting places among the tourists.

Interestingly, the town is built on a rocky mountain which is a little over 1.072 meters above sea level. When in Morella never forget to visit the Castle of Morella. This most imposing castle is believed to have been built centuries ago. According to historians, the castle was built by Arabs to save the country from the occupation of Moors. Interestingly, many wars have been fought to take control of the Castle, thanks to its strategic location. During each of these wars, the castle suffered extensive damage. The damaged portion has now been renovated.

This walled town has many other buildings having historic value. Some of these buildings include a church called Arciprestal Church, San Francisco Convent and the Royal Cloister. The Arciprestal Church receives visitors throughout the year. The church is luxuriously decorated with stunningly beautiful arches and works of art and artifacts.  

Where to Stay?

The small town of Morella has many luxurious apartments and villas which offer accommodation to the tourists at the most economical rates. Popular food of Morella includes Pumpkin Tart, Cheese and cured meat. In fact sweet potato is one of the most popular vegetables of Morella. Honey, herb called ‘liquer’, Olive oil, etc. are some of the most popular products of Morella.

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