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Places To See In Riga

There are plenty of places to see in Riga, which is quite a large city. The main tourist attractions, however, are placed in the old part of town and concentrated around the Freedom monument. You can take an organized tour or you can simply walk around and admire them on your own.

The first place you need to head for is the House of Blackheads, as this is where you will find a map of the city along with brochures describing the most important attractions inside the city. Not everybody likes to follow the footsteps of the many tourists that came here before, so it is a good idea to try exploring Riga on your own, on bike or foot, whichever option is more appealing to you.

The older part of the city, which is named the Old Town, was erected in the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. You will be able to see buildings that were designed in different European styles, as well as many museums and churches. While you can enter in many of them, you will discover that some are closed for visitors, so you will just have to admire them from afar.

Here, you will also find the Freedom Monument which is considered an important national symbol. After you visit the Old Town, next you can head for the City canal where you will find plenty of places to rest your tired feet. If you like opera, you should know that the Opera house is located nearby.

Another great neighborhood in Riga is the Art Nouveau district. The buildings here are quite amazing, and they can mostly be seen around the monument mentioned earlier. The best streets for watching the art nouveau buildings are Elizabetes and Alberta.

An interesting place to see in Riga is the Ethnographic Open Air Museum where you can admire traditional Latvian houses made of wood along with all the objects that can be found in a country house. The staff here is dressed in traditional costumes, which adds to the great feeling of the place. The museum is located inside a forest like park and the atmosphere is quiet and relaxing. Sometimes events are organized here, and you can be a part of them if you happen to be there on the right time.

Not so popular are the Moscow Suburbs, but, if you want to see the Stalinist style of buildings, you can take a trip down there. The grey blocks can be seen in other parts of the city, as well, and they can give you an idea about how people used to live during the Soviet era.

There are many events to attend in Riga, such as a concert at the Latvian Philharmonic Concerts at Big Guild or an opera at the Latvian National Opera. Museums can be found everywhere, as well. Modern entertainment is also readily available and there are many night clubs where you can party till dawn.

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