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Aragon is the northeastern province of Spain that presents a great diversity of beautiful sights: high, snowy peaks belonging to the Pyrrenees, valleys full of green grass, lonely sierras and arid plains that stretch to the meseta (the central plain). The vast zone that occupies 10% of Spain’s territory hosts a rich assortment of works of art from Roman and Moorish times, and even from the Middle Ages. The region is extremely beautiful and would be one of the best holiday destinations you have ever chosen.


Albarracin is the most spectacular city in lower Aragon, situated in the arid region of Sierra de Albarracin, dominated by the Guadalaviar river. Albarracin has been designated a National Monument and the restoration has been carefully developed. If you visit Albarracin, you’ll have the opportunity to see the ramparts built by the Moors in the 10th century. They can be seen from miles away. In the centre of the city, wooden houses with red balconies fill the streets. You must visit the Cathedral, built in Renaissance style; its museum hosts Flemish tapestries and beautiful liturgical objects.


One of the most beautiful cities in the Pyrrenees is situated in a splendid region, an isolated one, just 7 kilometers away from the Navarra border. This isolation has led to the appearance of a separate dialect and culture. You’ll find more on the subject if you visit the small Etnologico Museum.

Sos del Rey Catolico

This city with a special name is defended by gates with cannons; the name comes from the fact that the city is the birthplace of King Fernando de Aragon. Sos is located in the harsh region of Sierra de la Pena and can easily be visited starting from the Monasterio de Leyne (Leyne Monastery). Sos was, in the Middle Ages, a fortress that was protecting against the possible invasions from Navarra. Here you can still visit the ruins of the castle and, right under them, the Sant Esteban Church. Inside the church your eyes will be delighted by the Capilla del Pilar (old Renaissance style), the crypt and the special decorations on the walls. In Sos you can also admire the beautiful Renaissance buildings: Palacio de los Sada where King Fernando was born and the harmonious residencies connected by arched vaults. I am sure that you will love the region, so consider choosing it as a holiday destination!

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