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Places To Visit In Kuala Lumpur

Because of the cultural aspects and historical places to visit; Kuala Lumpur is one of the most emerging visitor’s destinations. It is more than a capital city and a monument to Malaysian ingenuity. People may not be aware of all the hallmarks of this city to have fun and enjoyment. It is highly recommended to read on sites, magazines and books about the places which can add charm to your journey to Kuala Lumpur. Below mentioned are some of the highlights in the city and you must visit these places with your family and loved ones if you want to make your trip more memorable:

PetronasTwin Towers

Standing tall at 452 meters and having 88 stories; this is the most prominent and popular architectural landmark in Malaysia. Cesar Pelli, a renowned architect is responsible for its design and was picked out through the international competition in year 1991. The interior and exterior of this building is the combination of sorts and reflect Malaysia’s aspirations. The modern look is maintained with traditional values and cultures. You can find various hotels around this place and you can choose Kuala Lumpur Hotel as per your requirements and budget.


This is the interactive science discovery center and you will be able to explore the world of technology and science. Apart from shopping centers, places and restaurants; you must also visit this place to know more about latest and upcoming technologies. This will completely blow your mind away. It begins with The Dark Ride and then you will get an opportunity to go through Malaysia rainforest and into the sea. Various fun activities are also available for school going kids so that they can learn about life in this place.

Aquaria KLCC

This place is widely spread over 60,000 sq ft and is considered to be one of the largest aquarium housing and has various marine species world-wide. The main highlight of this Aqua Theater is that it looks like ocean replica. People and children love to visit this place and they have entertainment of the lifetime. You must not miss this place if you visit KL in your lifetime.

Petronas Art Gallery

This is one of the greatest places in KL offering arts and work from national and international artists. The main aim of this art gallery is to offer the view to visitors, local people and children to learn more about history and artworks.

Planning is very important before you visit KL. You must aware of accommodations, Kuala Lumpur Hotel and transportation means so that there should not be any problem later on. With the sites on the internet; you can book a Kuala Lumpur Hotel, an agent or guide who can make you visit various amazing places in Kuala Lumpur. It is suggested to do complete research before you make decision for visiting this place with your friends, family or loved ones. You must also try to get best deals on the sites so that you can save significant amount of money and time.

You should always book coach hire in advance to get some discounts. You can also book a Kuala Lumpur Hotel through the internet to avoid any difficulties.

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