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Places to Visit That Actually Feel Different – Cool Places to Travel

I really like going places that feel different, traveling cool places that make you feel “out of place” the entire time. I just don’t like driving in the U.S. much. Maybe I’ve just done too much of it, but seldom do things look different.

So here are some great places to travel that will make you feel like you’re in a different place.

Recently I was driving from Nashville to Orlando, and really felt a change when I got close to the Georgia/Florida border. The trees, the feel, the topography – they’re all quite different. It’s swampy and the trees are all short and odd looking. I really enjoyed the 30 or so miles of that drive where everything just looked different. I’m not sure what it is – but it resembles no other highway area I’ve traveled.

The Chiricaua Mountains in Arizona, close to the Arizona/New Mexico/Mexico are very different as well. The rock formations are so interesting, they certainly rival Garden of the Gods in both Colorado and Illinois. Almost like a volcano erupted long ago and the lava created pits in the ground like an egg carton. Then millions of years later all the dirt eroded away and all that was left was the hardened lava that formed in the egg carton. Just tall, skinny mounds of rock sticking straight up everywhere.

Also there’s a spot between Tucson, AZ and Rocky Point in Mexico that is crazy, weird. It’s just off the highway – you actually have to walk to it – but when you arrive in this place you know instantly that you’ve been transported somewhere different. The field is the result of an asteroid impact and really feels like you’re on a different planet. The hole, the rocks – it’s hard to explain how strange it looks compared to everything you know.

If you’ve been places that make you feel different – like the mangroves in Jamaica, please contact me at my blog http://lettersfromdan.com or follow me on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/danrmorris)

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