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Rajasthan Tour India

Rajasthan is the land of sand bright, welcoming oasis and camel swaying. If you believe a Tour of Rajasthan offers complete coverage of Rajasthan and its wonders, has a big surprise in store for you. Rajasthan is so large and complex that a number of tours can be contained within it. A wide variety of experiences are interesting tours in Rajasthan to leave your mind and senses tingling with anticipation.
Palace Tours in Rajasthan that allow an insight into the huge structures that were once the residences of princes, kings and nobles. The palaces themselves are so large that tower over you with its magnificence, and the interiors decorated with large tapestry and design will leave you speechless. Among the most popular palaces in Rajasthan are the Lake Palace in Udaipur, City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Shiva Nivas Palace, Lamxi Vilas, the Palace and Karni Bhawan Umaid Bhavan Palace. The list of the great palaces is really long, and could take several years before they actually make their way through them. However, it is a shame to leave without having appreciated the real life of Rajasthan is proud to display.

Tours & Safaris Rajasthan desert are among the most sought-after Rajasthan Tour Packages. A leak in the endless expanses of sand, sun and dry heat, it is a trying experience the sounds, but is a delight to explore. Desert life and color and exuberance offering pales in comparison to the more indulgent holiday. camel rides, desert safaris and annual Pushkar fair are some of the highlights of life in the desert, but every minute spent on the accounts of the Thar desert for a lifetime of memorable adventures.

The wildlife is another major attraction of Rajasthan. several wildlife reserves and parks house some of the flora and most precious wildlife in their natural habitat. The tiger, leopards, antelopes, hyenas and deer several sure you have enough to keep busy. Ranthambore National Park, Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary and the Sariska National Park has offered refuge to a number of remarkable animals and birds.

There are several places of pilgrimage in Rajasthan. Mount Abu has some important Jain temples, and one of the most revered temples of Lord Krishna is located in Nathdwara. The Govind Devji Temple in Jaipur is another popular place of Hindu worship. There are several other temples and mosques across Rajasthan, each has a unique relevance.

Travel Rajasthan is breezy, comfortable and full of luxury experiences. There is grandeur apparent in the simple life, the succulent cuisine, and tradition and customs that prevail. The people are hospitable and welcoming.

There can be no state that is as complete Rajasthan in the wonders it offers. Rajasthan tours package in a lot of action, devotion, history and culture. Winters are nice, and scorching summers only reveal more delights, Rajasthan is clearly food for the soul.


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