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Researching Destination For Your Hiking Trips

If you are planning a few day hiking trips, then it is essential to do some researches. This kind of trip can cost some money and take some time, you will need to prepare everything carefully, including finding an interesting trail and knowing what time of the year is perfect for the trip.

Some trips are more complicated than others. You may need to have extra documentations to get to the destination or some special medication if there are any health issue.


How to Choose a Hiking Trail


After you decide on a hiking destination it’s time to choose a hiking trail. This depends on the type of hike you want to experience.


You can get a sense of the type of hiking experience by attending hiking club meetings or presentations where hikers share their experiences. There will likely be photo slideshows or videos so you at least have a gist of how the trail will be like.


You can also ask for recommendations from experienced hikers. Tell them what kind of experience you are looking for if you know. If not, tell them about of your level of experience and fitness and they may be able to point you to the right direction.


Hiking or camping magazines are also a good source of information about which hiking trail is best suited for you. If you don’t know what kind of experience you are looking for, then these magazines will help you decide.


If you are new, go for trails that are well known. Going for trails that are less travelled could get you into trouble if you don’t know what you’re doing.


Get more information about hiking trails from the internet. At Trails.com for example, you can choose a trail based on activity. Click on “Hiking Trails and Backpacking Trips” and you’ll find a map similar to the one on the home page. Choose which state you want to go hiking or check out the “Top 100 Trails”.


It also makes sense to shop online today because of the state of the economy. You can get cheap camping gear online because there are less overheads (no salesman to pay and no shop rental) for the suppliers so the savings are passed on to the customers.


To find out more, go to a bookstore or library and look for hiking guidebooks. You can also find some good hiking guidebooks on Amazon. Guidebooks provide you with a lot of information about a trail that will help you a lot in your planning.


The guidebooks will usually provide a map but it’s not detailed enough for navigation. It serves to give you a general idea of the terrain. However, these books will tell you where to get the maps and which are the best ones to get. Even if not, maps are readily available in most book store or your local camping store.


Jonsky is a writer for Hiking-Camping-World.com where you’ll find good quality camping gear including lightweight down sleeping bags and windbreakers.

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