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City of Seattle isnt just known for its stable economy, and its large population, or just for the fact that its one of the largest multicultural countries. Seattle is also very famous and well known for its attractive sites that attract tourist from all over the world. Therefore, along with other industries, the tourism industry in Seattle is also well established. The sites are kept in mint condition and there is proper infrastructure for the tourist so that they can enjoy their stay in the city and recommend others to visit it to. There are hundreds of tourist sites, but this article will only list the top 10 tourist sites of the city of Seattle.
Firstly, there is the Eaton center. This center is the most rated tourist attraction site. This center houses over 250 shops of varying items, like from food to clothes and toys, etc. this place isnt very expensive so that the budget conscious people can also do the shopping here with ease and enjoy it. Moreover, this four level, glass dome also hold and architectural interest by the people who visit it. Secondly, there is the CN tower.
It is one of the 7 wonders of world. The tower stands at an astounding height of 1815 feet. It used to be the tallest tower, but it has lost this title now, still million of tourists are attracted by it. There are 1122 floors and a glass elevator on the outside of the building. Thirdly, there is Casa Loma. For historical or architecture buff, this is the best place to visit. It was built by a wealthy business man but it tells about the history of the city and the building itself is a state of an art, and beautifully designed.
Fourthly, there is Centre Island. It is one of a series of small islands that comprise the largest urban car-free community in North America.
It a peaceful and beautiful place, with hotels and many different tourist attractions. It offers a place for recreation and relaxation and features an amusement park, recreation areas, beaches, a yacht club etc. fifthly, there is Royal Ontario Museum. Even if does not visit the inside of the museum, still its outside is quite a site, with bizarre, jagged glass exterior. With more than 40 galleries of art, archaeology and natural science, it offers up a world of interest and fun. It features one of the finest of the art from china and other countries. Moreover, there is a discovery gallery that really interests the kids. Sixthly, there is Distillery Historic District, which is a great place to spend a few hours if you’re in downtown Seattle and want to get away from the usual downtown stuff. It is a pedestrian village, and it promotes art and culture of the city and of different countries.
Seventhly; Yorkville, a charming place, it houses dozens of fabulous restaurants and art galleries and drew the attention of the tourist. Eighthly; there is a hockey hall of fame. Ninthly; art gallery of Ontario, features some of the worlds best art, and attract a lot of tourist interested in art. Tenthly; Seattle has a second largest Chinatown that attracts the tourist and the domestic alike. Here exotic, jewellery, painting, food etc is available.

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