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Some Of The Best Places To Visit On Your Sydney Holiday

Even travelers who have never before been to Sydney are aware of the Sydney Harbor and the amazing Sydney Opera House. By far the most notable landmark in Sydney most vacationers know that this is a structure which they will want to get a closer look at when they come to Sydney. Sydney is an older city however and therefore contains a lot of different landmarks that are worth taking a look at.

The Sydney Harbor Bridge is perched high above the Sydney Harbor and this incredible looking structure is definitely a sight to see. More than merely a structure to look at, the Sydney Harbor Bridge presents many chances to climb to the top and overlook the breathtaking city and opera house below. There are a variety of various climb experiences to suit just about all who visit and it is fun to combine some sight seeing fun with some true Aussie-spirited adventure by not only observing the bridge but in climbing to the top.

The Central Railway Station is another sight to see. This is the largest railway station in all of Australia and whether you are hopping on City Rail to travel elsewhere or not you are going to at least want to stop by and have a look around. Built back in 1906 this is just a historic piece of Sydney culture that you will want to catch a glimpse of. The history of the structure can be felt throughout the main terminal that’s still in use in the present day.

Sightseeing meets adventure once again with the incredible structure of the Sydney Tower. Most visitors will add this to their list of things to see in Sydney very simply because it towers high above the rest of the buildings in the city. This incredible tower is deemed one of the safest of this magnitude ever constructed by man and boasts its ability to withstand hurricane force winds and earthquakes as well. You can get inside the Sydney Tower and shop and dine. You can also check out the observation deck or even take a Skywalk if you so choose. It’s an excellent way to get to overlook the whole city and check out some of the landmarks throughout.

These are by no means all of the things to do and see in Sydney. This one of the largest cities in Australia and perhaps in all the world has a lot of varied experiences to offer tourists who flock to this region for some R & R. There are also many more significant landmarks throughout the region but if you are looking for more information about other historic landmarks you will want to check out a website about Sydney tourism and perhaps even pick up a See Sydney pass to offer you discounted admission to many of the areas biggest attractions.

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