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The New Tourism

Tourism isnt what it used to be. To be a tourist before meant having an appetite for adventure, for seeking out something new, something that is beyond the tourists everyday experience. Before, being a tourist meant having to accept that a place cant offer most of the comforts of home. But the rewards of being a tourist meant an insight into a new culture, the sights of things unfamiliar.

The affluence years of the 80s saw a number of people who have risen through the ranks and have achieved a measure of status that had a corresponding affluence attached to it. It is this breed of the new rich that has set the standard for the new tourist.

Tourists nowadays do not wish to leave the creature comforts they have grown to love. This can be seen in the way the tourists of today control the amenities that are built into establishments that cater to them. The old standards of simply having a secure room with a clean bed and a toilet for exclusive use are gone, and demands for extras like cable or satellite TV, internet connection, spas and exercise facilities as well as boutiques and shops are getting common.

In an area like Florida, it was enough for tourists then to simply enjoy the sea or its bounty. Even picturesque places now have to be developed along the taste of the new tourists. The place has to have tall buildings, good roads, air-conditioned establishments and row upon row of commercial establishments with which to spend money on.

This explains the proliferation of factory outlets. Florida, a place known for its balmy weather and great beaches, didnt cut it as just a tropical paradise for the new tourist. It had to be a mecca for shopping, too.

A good number of manufacturers, realizing the purchasing power of tourists, have set up their own factory outlet. Florida, a magnet for tourists, is now also home to such factory outlets.

For all the established factory outlets, Florida still retains its natural beauty and distinct charm. Heres hoping the new tourists doesnt destroy it all.

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