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The Places to visit in Spain

Spain is such a beautiful country that is so rich in culture and history that one must be ready to see all there is to see if they were to touch Spanish soil. The varied traditions and ancient influences form the very heartbeat of Spain with its numerous varied regions. Its different governing styles and lifestyles of the locals enrich a visitor’s experience while touring Spain.

Exciting cities


The city of Barcelona is the most popular Spanish tourist resort; tourists are fascinated with the Holy Family Church spires and neo-Gothic architecture that Antoni Gaudi, a Catalan architect, put splendidly into place. Its well-set undulating curves and outrageously flashy design made it one of the architect’s best work pieces. Another interesting piece of Barcelona lies in the cobbled pathways of Las Ramblas, right to the Cataluña Plaza. Barcelona’s famous landmarks, the San Pablo Ocampo Church and the Santa Eulalia Gothic Cathedral, are located in the ancient quarters. The Santa Eulalia was erected in honor of the famous explorer Christopher Columbus. Other intriguing architectural structures include those by Josep Vilaseca who created the Barri Gotic as well as the brick-red Arc del Triomf.

There are many top quality educational institutions in Barcelona such as the University of Barcelona and the Autonomous Barcelona University. There are also many distinguished art institutions in Barcelona for those who love art such as the Royal Archives of Aragon and museums like the Archaeological Museum, Ancient Art Museum, Modern Art Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art.


This is Spain’s capital which is famous for its festive and vibrant nightlife. Visitors are treated to fun times at the many bars, cafes and summer terazas; many offer a great atmosphere for relaxing and drowning a couple of pints with the more popular spots at Chueca and Bellas Artes Circulo. There are a few good museums to see in Madrid, but the best three are the Museo del Prado, Goya’s Las Majas and museo Las Meninas. You will be excited to learn about the art history that Spain houses; the art collection is just enormous. 

Picasso’s beautiful masterpiece in Geurnica is housed in Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, reflecting the Civil War of Spain. Not to be missed is the Thyssen-Bornemisza museum with about 800 art paintings and the museum of Lazaro Galdiano, which houses all locally published books. Worthy of mention are the Bullfighting museum, Decorative Arts National Museum and Madrid’s Cultural Center, which is Spain’s opera house, locally called zarzuela theater. Visitors will be amazed with the Royal Palace where visitors are allowed to enjoy a stroll through its 18th to 20th century residential rooms.


A definite must to see would be the Alhambra Palace. It is one of the best Moorish arts that can be found in Spain. Its fabulous patios and courtyards showcase beautiful architecture together with inlaid walls and ceiling of intricate designs.


This southern city is not to be missed as it houses the Mezquita, which is Europe’s most beautiful and most distinct mosque. Alcazar has proven to be another popular tourist destination to check out its intrinsic Moorish designs, although the palace lies in ruins. With its long stretch of alluring beaches, you will not want to miss Spain as part of your favorite holiday destination.


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