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The Special Places to Visit on an Egyptian Holiday

You will be familiar with the most famous of places that everyone will want to visit when in Egypt which are the Pyramids of Giza, the famous pyramids created over 4,000 years ago attracts millions of visitors each year. Cairo is another popular place to visit; the bustling city offers the tourist a modern city with traders looking to sell you the local goods. However you can also discover a city rich in history in the Islamic region of Cairo.

If you are planning a holiday to Egypt then there are less known but impressive places to visit including Dakhla Oasis.

The oasis of Dakhla houses two small towns, Al-Qasr and Mut, with Mut being the larger of the two as it has more hotels for visitors to stay. Near Al Qasr you will find 600 hot springs as well as an Ethnographic museum. For those who love to learn about the history there are many tour guides who will take you through the narrow alleyways, mosques and houses and show you forges that are still being used to this day.

The small town of Al-Qasr is home to around 700 inhabitants and can be found of the limestone cliffs and on the edge of the oasis. It has a great presence as it hasn’t changed much from medieval times. Waiting to be found are many lintels which beautifully decorate the old houses. Some of these date back to the Ottoman and Mamluk era of around 900 AD.

The mosque are also very old, it is a three-story, 21 metre high building that is made from mud and brick with wooden lintels decorating the building with local inscriptions at the entrance. You can see more old local sites such as an old corn mill and a pottery factory. Al-Qasr offers you the chance to see how primitive some towns are in Egypt and are well worth visiting in addition to the famous pyramids on an Egypt holiday.

Egypt is hot all year round so if extreme heat isn’t for you then you can have an Egyptian experience later in the year, October-December time may suit you better and as it is out of the peak season you should be able to find good value Egypt holidays that suit your budget.

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