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Top 10 tourist destinations in France

Located in the Western Europe and stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and the North Sea, France is renowned as the cradle of the Great European civilization. Once you have opportunity to arrive here, don’t miss the chance to visit famous places of interest like Eiffel Tower, splendid ancient castles like Chambord castle and the castle of Versailles as well as the world’s first and second largest museum with hundreds of masterpieces. Owning the ancient beauty of Europe, this wonderful country is the world’s most well-known tourist destinations with beautiful cities that have attracted thousands of visitors every year.


1. Sault – the land of lavender

Situated in Provence, the town of Sault is a romantic destination with thousands of fragrant lavender fields. Every year in summer, tourists were coming here to see the lavender harvest season and enjoy the fragrant perfume.


2. Arles – famous for Van Gogh’s sunflower painting

According to legend, the famous painter Van Gogh lived in this city for 15 months and created 300 oil paintings including many works of sunflowers. In addition, Arles is also known as the ancient city, certified by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites in 1981.


3. Annecy – the ancient water city

This small town is known as the Venice of France. Visiting here, you’ll be watching the ancient stone triangle house – the symbol of the town. Crossing the romantic bridge named Pont des Amours (for Love), you will reach lake Annecy which year round has blue water like pearls.


4. Tours – France’s garden

This city is the birthplace of many famous people such as Balzac, Rabelais, Descartes. Leonardo da Vinci also spent his old age here. The city is known as the garden of France with beautiful gardens attached with a legend.


5. Grass – the florist city

This town is well known for all kinds of wonderfully fragrant flowers. In the winter mimosa blossoms and in the summer there is lavender. In May and June is rose and from July to September is jasmine. There are also other kinds of flowers like lily, orange, violet …

6. Fontainebleau – the romantic forests

This town is an ideal weekend getaway for the capital’s citizens. Here there is a magnificent castle of the ancient French royal family. In French, Fontainebleau means beautiful spring.


7. Avignon – the ancient art city

Being one of the most beautiful cities in France, Avignon is also known as “Little Rome.” It has been recognized as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.


8. Bordeaux – wine land

The habour city in the south west of France is famous as the wine center of the world which organizes two international wine festivals every two years.



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