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Top 5 Places To Spend Your Autumn

After a hard year at work you need a few days in the autumn time to relax, but the question is where to go? Tourism agencies fight to attract more and more clients, but the destination itself remains the most important. So, where to go? Something near the home? Something as far as possible from home? Or something exotic and romantic at the same time? We would have to choose the last option as it will be the best for most people that want to get away from all the stress back home.


Our first and most recommended destination would have to be Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Why? Pretty simple as RJ became what it is today thanks to its wonderful gold sand beaches, the perfect beaches. The nightlife here is undoubtedly the best in the entire world which is why we recommended it for young generations that are looking for fun. Of course, there is more to this city besides these already known assets. Rio has plenty of high quality restaurants, bars and other places that attract a large number of tourists. The city has also a lot to offer for people looking to expand their cultural horizon. Museums, art clubs and other places that have a historical meaning will satisfy the thirst for knowledge.


The second choice that comes to our mind would have to be Florence, Italy as it is considered by many to be the art center of the world, offering plenty of wonderful murals, paintings and sculptures in Western civilization. If this does not convince you, maybe this will: the center of the Italian Renaissance art movement, Michelangelo’s adopted hometown, the birthplace of modern politics, and the source of modern-day credit.


Our next recommended destination is Provence, France. Here you will find the charming, rustic French villages that remain drenched in warm Mediterranean sun and are left to the whims of off-season travelers, who can freely explore without bumping elbows or competing for seats at outdoor cafés. The city is beautifully located between the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the towering, forested French Alps, whose leaves turn varying shades of ochre during the fall months.


United States is represented in our top by Napa Valley, California. The intoxicating wines that wait at over 250 wineries are not the only reason to visit now in the autumn. The 35-mile long exquisite valley is also at its finest come fall, with precise rows of vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see, and picturesque towns, upscale fancy restaurants, posh shops, and romantic inns shrouded in autumnal environment.


Our last recommended destination would have to be Munich, Germany. If you love beer, this is the place to go – Pilsner, Dopplebock, Munich Heels, you pick. Of course, the city has a lot more to offer those who aren’t into the beer-guzzling festivities like a respectable number of museums, historical sites, nightclubs, and gourmet restaurants also make this one the leading fall destinations.


Regardless of your choice, find something that will allow you to travel within the city, learn new things, relax, and have fun because you deserve it after a hard year at work.

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