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Top 5 You have to visit in Suzhou

Suzhou, famous for the elegant landscape gardens, is a popular tourist destination in China. The landscape gardens show Chinese unique architectural style. Besides, there are several water towns near Suzhou. The tranquil village, bridge, river and people get along harmoniously with each other. Here, visitors may feel that time stops.

The Lingering Garden: It is one of Suzhou’s four most famous gardens. The garden used to be the private residence of a very rich merchant. It is so huge and so beautiful and extravagant. In this garden, there are full of people wearing Tang Dynasty style clothing and playing musical instrument, such as Pipa and Sanxian. They do that simply for the enjoyment of visitors. It really made the garden come alive. The cool thing about these Suzhou gardens is that they are designed so that visitors can only see what the creators intended them to see at any given moment. As soon as you turn a corner a whole new scene opens up and visitors are rewarded with scenes more splendid than the one they were just in. The Lingering Garden was filled with small hills, rockeries, caves, paths, pavilions and much more. How wonderful it is!

the rockeries seen from a window of the Lingering Garden


A girl is playing the Pi Pa in a room of the Lingering Garden.

The Pan Gate: It is one of the two remaining ancient gates in Suzhou, and the only remaining water gate in China. The area originally had a temple, and only the pagoda is left from it now. The pagoda is well over a thousand years old and quite beautiful. The entire area has been turned into a scenic spot. It is large and very nice. There are many gardens, pavilions and ponds scattered throughout the area. It is a very nice place to stroll and relax.

Humble Administrator’s Garden: It is also one of Suzhou’s four famous gardens. It was totally different than the Lingering Garden. It was built during the Ming Dynasty by an official who was disillusioned with official life and decided to retire and move back to his hometown of Suzhou. He built the garden as a place to relax and forget about the cares of the world. The garden is huge! Each building and pavilions were meticulously placed and each has wonderful stories about them. The garden’s ponds and rivers are filled with lotus plants and when they are in bloom the garden draws visitors from all over for its Lotus Flower Festival.

a nice pavilion in the Pan Gate


an ancient study in the Humble Administrator’s Garden

Except for the beautiful tourist attractions, another attracting sight is the water towns near Suzhou. Take Tongli for example, it is a quiet and peaceful water town. No cars are allowed into the Tongli village. The village is filled with elderly people and they are quick to smile at visitors. Sitting next to a canal with your feet in the water, or sitting in a teahouse watching the gondolas pass by is a cozy thing! Tongli has several gardens also and when the tourists leave they are deserted and very magical. In such a quiet water town, visitors may fully experience the harmony with the nature.

In Suzhou, there is much more surprise waiting for you. It is really a nice place to experience the wonderful landscape and culture of China! You can visit China Odyssey Tours to get more information about this.

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