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Thousands of tourists from all around the world visit Spain every year. Spain is one of the most visited countries in Europe and in the world thanks to its history, its culture and its warm climate which makes it possible to visit the country throughout the whole year. The landscapes are absolutely amazing and Spaniards know how to take advantage of them by creating luxurious resorts in which tourists can spend their free time in the most pleasant way possible.

Main attractions

If you consider visiting Spain, but are in trouble regarding what destination to choose, you should know that the list is very long. In the following, you will find the main attractions of Spain and it is up to you to choose the ones that meet your expectations and desires. As a foreign visitor, you should definitely put Alhambra on your list. This destination brings together the spirit of the Orient and of modernity; it is a place of huge cultural, historic and architectural significance that will charm you through the stone decorations, the filigrees and the mosaics of the Nasrid dynasty.

Barcelona is well known for the Gaudi architecture, the unique Art Nouveau style that covers the city, giving it a special allure. The Cathedral in Seville is the largest one in Spain, famous for its gold altar and it is also one of the top attractions in the country. El Escoriale is the monastery that governs the foothills of Madrid and one of the most respected attractions in Spain, as it is also the pantheon for the Spaniard kings. Last but not the least; go to Bilbao to visit the Guggenheim, one of the most spectacular buildings not only in Spain, but in the world, the building that impresses through its curves which were designed to look random.

What else should you know about Spain?

Do not create the false image that this is all you can visit in Spain. The list is very long and probably every city and every little village has at least one attraction worth mentioning. Spain is a very special country, one that can make you dream about going back. It has a little bit to offer for every single tourist: some romance for the sensible ones (the unique, breathtaking landscapes), adventure for the ones who love the adrenaline (the mountains, great for a jeep safari or a foot walk) and even amazing experiences for the sports fans (Camp Nou and Santiago Bernabeu for the football lovers). Doesn’t it sound perfect? Well, what are you looking for? Spain is there, patiently waiting to be discovered!

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