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Top Places to Go Shopping in London

London is one of the most famous shopping centers all over the world. It offers a wide range of products varying from the eclectic to the stylish, which can fulfill every kind of taste.


To begin your shopping experience it is essential that you stop at Burberrys which is located in 165 Reagent Street. This brand which is world famous for its tartan inspired clothing and accessories is pricey. For those with smaller pockets the store is still worth a visit – because it has an authentic British feel to it that you don’t get in very many shops.


No trip to London is complete without a Trip to Harrod’s of Knightsbridge. You will find this brown hued shop at No 87-135. On your way in to the shop do marvel at the amazing window dressing. This is the shop where you can buy anything – which includes elephants! Luxury brands of every kind fill the shop spaces. The architecture of the interior is inspired by Egypt courtesy of its current owner. Don’t forget to buy the wonderful Harrods Insignia Chocolates which you can find in Chocolate section. There is an amazing food court which encompasses foods from around the world and simply amazing sea food. Do also drop by the Princess Diana memorial on the lower ground floor.


When in London you MUST also visit Oxford street, which is a two mile stretch that has everything from clothing to kitchen sinks. The legendary Nike stores and Virgin Mega store should be visited. Selfridges is a must visit place due to the sheer style and elegance of the shop. Selfridges ( at 400 oxford street) which is a rather large department store is also one with a little history which doesn’t shy away from being modern. Do stop by – you won’t be disappointed. The highlight of Oxford street though is at Christmas when the lights come up, then this is truly London’s best stop.


Not everyone is satisfied by the high street culture of Oxford street and the place for anyone with an original inkling to head to is Carnaby Street. Here there are plenty of boutiques that have been inspired by the mod brigade. True eclecticism is mixed with style and you get products here that you can find no where else in the world. It’s a show case of modern Britain! So do head to Carnaby Street.


Camden Market is for those with a thirst for ethnic goods and food. You will enjoy the sheer color of the street. There are some amazing antiques to be found here. Don’t also forget to check out the exotic perfumes on offer. You will have a wonderful time just being here.


These are some of the best places to shop at London – it truly is a shopper’s paradise.


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