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Toronto a Warm Destination for Tourists and Businessmen

The extended stay suites industry is thriving in Toronto due to the influx of movie makers, executives, and tourists needing lodging less expensive than hotels. Perhaps global warming is the cause; the Christmas season of 2009 was mild in Southern Ontario with no snow at all. The summers are lasting longer in Toronto, very often until late October. This trend potentially could make the Greater Toronto Area the place to visit for urban vacationers, tourists, and business people.

Hollywood North is the nickname given to Toronto Ontario since American film makers found it affordable and more pleasant than Los Angeles as a working environment. The people in the street are docile and everyone is cooperative in this polite Ontario capitol and business center. Those who visit for specialized work such as this are on an upscale budget but still must operate with no excess costs on things like lodging and food. They need short term accommodations that will be available for two or three months and that is where the corporate housing industry can provide an alternative to much more expensive hotel room.

Tourists can find any number of things to see and do in Toronto whether they enjoy museums, stage shows, zoos, shopping, exhibitions, or professional sports. The higher income tourist with eight weeks vacation time can reserve a downtown Toronto furnished apartment at a rate that is roughly half the cost of hotels. There is more space available since the condo furnished apartments have kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, and all the amenities they are used to wherever they live. Toronto also has a reputation as being a safe place to walk the streets at night downtown. The public transit system is extensive and includes longer range Go Buses and Go Trains to reach Mississauga, Whitby, Newmarket, Burlington, and Brampton.

As a world business center Toronto boasts the Canadian headquarters of most American corporations as well as the offices of financial, manufacturing, engineering, communications, food retailers, and a whole array of Canadian enterprises. This results in a steady stream of visitors from all over the world sent by corporations to manage projects or similar missions that require them to be in the city for extended stays where they also need luxury accommodations. Again the thought of staying in a cramped hotel room is not enticing so the corporation will make arrangements by booking a corporate suite.

The home-away-from-home atmosphere of the fully serviced extended stay apartment allows the weary traveler to make dinner, relax in a living room, and use the facilities of the condo building. Parking is available for those renting cars while in the city, or for those who brought their cars with them. Pictures of the units are online so that the renter can select one that is most to his liking. With a selection of locations, décor, and suite size, the aim is to make the visitor as comfortable as possible for they may come back as return customers next year to enjoy the warm weather of Hollywood North.


SEO Pat Boardman writes this in respect to Toronto Furnished Apartments who provide extended stay leases on serviced apartments for business clients.

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