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Tourism Across Zambia!!!

Primarily known for its natural highlights Zambia has too many attractions ranging from history to culture and from arts to out doors. It is a much-sought after tourist destination, as it offers diverse activities and attractions. The most prominent feature of tourism in the country is glorious Victoria Falls. Visitors from all over the world take Zambia flights to visit this falls and some of the 19 national parks in the region. Taking an organized Zambia tour is the best way to explore this beautiful destination. In this naturally blessed country the best out door activities are; walking safaris, bird watching, and canoeing safaris. Let us have a brief look at some of the most visited tourist’s attractions in

The Livingstone Museum; The museum contains collection of country’s most precious and oldest artifacts.  The museum was established to preserve the arts, crafts and culture of Zambia. It has four galleries with different exhibits. After your flights to Zambia take a guided tour to this museum take an insight into country’s history. These tours can be booked with any of the local tour operator in the region.

The Lake Tanganyika; It is second deepest as well as second largest fresh water lake in the world with a length of 675kms and width of 50km. It is an outstanding place with excellent water activities. This is a year round destination that can be visited any time. After Victoria Falls it is the most visited natural highlight of the region. Almost all cheap Zambia flights takers visit this destination.

Victoria Falls; the most highlighted feature of the tourism in Zambia is Victoria Falls. It is world’s largest and most magnificent water falls. It has so much to offer visitors that every year millions of visitors take cheap flights to Zambia and take a tour to this site. It is also a good place for bird watching and photography.

Kafue National Park; Zambia is known as country of parks for it has 19 national parks. These parks are established by the government and are serving the purpose of preserving the plant and wildlife of this naturally blessed county. Kafue National Park is among the best parks of the country and is visited by tourists getting into Zambia by taking flights to Zambia from UK or somewhere else. It is the second largest park in the country that is spread over 22,400 square kilometers. It offers flat grassland plains dotted with photogenic ‘islands’ of wild date palms, sausage trees and fig trees.

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