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Tourism in Twillingate

Tourism in Twillingate has always been one of the most popular occurrences in the area. As far back as I can remember each and every summer in Twillingate has been filled with a seemingly increasingly amount of tourist. Especially during the Fish Fun & Folk festival in late July; the Twillingate tourists are everywhere. During the parade, fireworks and whatnot are peek times it seems.

The following explains the appeal that Twillingate has to those who are considering using it as their next tourist destination. As many people have in the past and many others will in the future. We’ll begin by discussing the icebergs that can be found off the shores of Twillingate. Tourism in Twillingate is often anchored by these giant pieces of ice.

It’s sometimes appears strange to me to think that the icebergs that I gre up seeming behind my house are what brings in the tourists like crazy to Twillingate. It would not be uncommon to wake up in the morning and hear crashes that would indicate that the nearest iceberg was falling apart. The ice would then appear on the shoreline and I would just think it all normal. But there are tourists who visit Twillingate and are mesmerized by these pieces of ice floating in the water. Sure they are thousands of years old but… that’s about it. Actually I suppose I should be making sure that the icebergs are represented in a little better light. After all, it is a reason for tourism in Twillingate.

These particular year there was a giant iceberg that managed to float its way into a harbor in Twillingate. Being stuck their it eventually fell apart and filled the whole harbor with other icebergs. The increase in tourism in Twillingate was astounding. It was one of the bests years for tourists in Twillingate in quite a while. Which is saying something good considering that the tourism situation isn’t something to be laughed at in the first place.

In summation, it’s icebergs that draw people to Twillingate. Essentially. Of course there are other reasons. The place is simply beautiful anyway. And the attractions for tourism in Twillingate will be bring people from all over the world for years to come. As long as there’s icebergs at least.

That’s all for now for article number one of Tourism in Twillingate. There will be more to come so continue checking for more information when it comes to tourism in Twillingate


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