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Tourist Places And Attractions In Atlanta, Dallas

Atlanta is one of the most attractive and popular cities in America, which attracts a large number of tourists round the year. It is famous for its unique mixture of museums which offers a wide range of variety on the subjects on display which includes natural history to fine art and beverages. It is home town of some of world greatest industries which include world beverage giant, coca cola. Their museums welcome the visitors with a warm aura and the museum consists of a multi sensor 4-D theatre, a 1880s soda fountain and sample of more than 60 different types of beverages from round the world. With all this, it is also house of world largest indoor aquarium. The Piedmont park is famous for its festivals and cultural programs which are able to attract tourists from all part of world. An Atlanta Travel Guide will help you visit all the hotspots in the places. The night life of town is equally unique with a verity of options for its people.

Dallas Tourist Attractions are another place of interest for all people visiting the city. It has a wide range of interesting place which includes parks, museums and harbour. It is also famous for its stadium as they host a variety of sports event on both national and international level. The Texas Motor Speedway is famous for its NASCAR racing around the world. Every year it attracts a large number of spectators from round the globe to enjoy this sport event. Apart from all this, it is now developing itself as an education hub in recent years.

Both the places share almost same climate round the year, which is hot and humid in summer which is the Best Time To Travel Atlanta and snowy in winters. They have a good to heavy amount of rainfall which is followed by thunder storms with lighting and some time also followed by tornados. For most of year climate is pleasant and enjoyable and any time is the best time to enjoy these places.

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