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Travel Destination: Fiji

What is special about Fiji? It is the place where you can not only enjoy some of the best lagoons in the world but get to know its rich history and culture as well. You can take a vacation on beautiful beaches and participate in some unique traditional life Fiji offers.

This is one cultural experience you will not wish to miss out on this distinctive native dance is completed by native Fijians that put on their native grass skirt and leis. Some guests relate this dance to be similar to the hula dance of Hawaii. However it truthfully could be very completely different and more numerous than the hula it is a dance that’s so essential to the Fiji historical past and culture and it is a dance you should see and take part in to get the total expertise of Fiji.


Historical buildings and museums are among some of the Fijians most treasured national belongings, for the Fuji are proud of their heritage and long proud history. Here in Suva the capitol of Fiji long planning was involved to insure a lovely setting for the museum, being surrounded by the beauty of the botanical gardens. Once inside the museum you will find 1000’s of years of archaeological material dating the long history of Fiji. Also evident of the years of Fiji civilization are the Parliament buildings, Sri Siva Subramaniya a Hindu temple, and British rule period buildings.


Another place you could go to is the capital city suva Fiji. This is likelihood to immerse yourself within the very distinctive and historic tradition of Fiji the museums are visited regularly not solely by vacationers however by native Fijians as well. It’s also possible to buy yourself some native statues, souvenirs, and even the standard hand carved tiki masks. If you would like to see a meke show suva is your best place and it can be seen any night time of the week day or weekend.


Trying to see all of the Fiji culture will bring you to the Island of Orchid, young and old enjoy the small show of the archipelago of Fiji.


Fiji being a island country has many breath taking caves, these are held in high regard by the locals for they are sacred caves and are recommended for all to see on their vacation.


Another side of Fiji is there quite a few tours the Fiji tours and talked about world extensive by vacationers. These one in every of a sort tours will allow you to immerse yourself in the native Fiji tradition and traditions, you’re going to get a welcome ceremony that could be a true kava welcoming ceremony. These tours are just a little off the conventional path but they’re more than well worth the time and you will experience sights and culture that may amaze you.


Remember on your vacation to try to see the cultural and history to help to see the real Fiji, for as we all know that this tropical island paradise has all of the sandy white beaches, palm trees and clear beautiful skies, look farther to see the uniqueness of Fiji in the world.


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