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Travel In Canada

Travel in Canada is a fulfilling traveling experience for the reason that the country has numerous eye soothing tourist attractions which includes Huntsville, Kitchener, London, Mississauga, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Owen Sound, Sarnia, Barrie, Collingwood, Hamilton, Toronto, Windsor, and many others. Travelers can enjoy eating best in the world diary products, as Canada is a leading producer of dairy products.

Canada travel has become exhilarating as a number of lakes including of ‘Great Lakes’ in Canada make it a hub of attractive lakes. In fact, Canada has more lakes than any other country which contain fresh water. In addition to lakes, Canada has a number of beaches as it has an extensive coastline on its north, east, and west. Travelers from around the world flock in large numbers to enjoy sunbath at various beaches at, there are some beautiful beaches. Beaches in Canada are not only attractive but exotic also.

The vast area of the country along with variation in flora and fauna varies in other attractions too. The different provinces have the aura that leaves no visitor from getting beguiled. They vary in not just flora and fauna but also the culture and other temptations.

The capital city of Canada -Toronto has any and everything. Where on one hand the city is the home for the longest street in the world- the Yonge Street, on the other hand it has the 1815 foot tall CN tower that is well known to be the tallest free standing structure in the world. This isn’t all. The visitors also take delight in the ravishing and enticing antiques displayed at the Sigmund Samuel Canadian Gallery and the eternal tourist destination-the Royal Canadian Museum.

Canada’s biggest art gallery is a veritable cornucopia of fantastic art. When it reopens its doors after refurbishment in early 2009, it’ll be allowing people access once again to one of the very best art collections in the whole of North America.

In addition to the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto – an innately cultured sort of place – is stuffed with other museums and galleries. Standout amongst these is probably the fascinating Royal Ontario Museum (although the decidedly cool Ontario Science Center runs it a close second!)

The North Pacific Ocean near the BC coast is always +10 C making for year round sailing adventures. From November to March, rain showers are frequent but avid sailors can still get their thrills amongst the Gulf Islands and fjords of Vancouver Island. The westerly winds are strong and constant off of the Pacific Ocean, making for exciting and anxious sailing adventures. Bring rain gear and a VHF radio to monitor the weather since winter storms can produce gale force winds. Fog is west-coast trademark.

No celebration can be complete without wine and beer. Canada’s summer festivals celebrate this in style at the Great Canadian Beer Festival in Victoria, BC. Contrary to conclusions one may jump to, this is not a drink all you can fest but rather an upmarket venture where the quality of the beer has to be irreproachable as does the integrity of the brewer. It’s more a celebration of the craft of beer brewing and its artistic aspect. The Niagara Wine Festival is a magnet that draws visitors in their thousands to the area. It runs in a series including the Ice-wine Festival, the New Vintage Festival, and finally the Niagara Wine Festival.

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