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Travel to Canada

Canoes and kayaks in Canada. Canada is known for its canoeing, what you can practice almost anywhere. Here you will be given opportunities to try everything from canoeing to exciting rafting. National parks offer guided tours or information, if you wish to travel independently. Walk tracking in Canada. There is a wide choice of hikes both within the park and beyond. The best routes are the paths that are at the parks, as well as those protected by the Trans Canada Trail and local organizations. Routes and tracks can be of varying length and quality, can wiggle along the rocky mountains, pass through the prairie, along the coastal cliffs and in any other place where you can imagine. Mountaineering in Canada. Climbing is becoming more and more popular over the past few years and is available for any level of preparedness. Also group climbing with an instructor and equipment is practiced. Fishing in Canada. Fishing is one of the most popular in Canada activities for locals and tourists. You must purchase a fishing license, its cost and validity varies depending on a province. You can get information about the license and the services of a guide in tourist office. In areas where fishing is permitted there is monitoring cleanliness of the environment and providing necessary instructions. Skiing, snowboarding and snowmobile riding in Canada. You can enjoy winter sports in many parts of Canada, where snow covers the ground for a long time. What place for holidays you would choose, everywhere you can do skiing. Riding snowmobiles is available in almost every province or region of Canada. You can rent snowmobiles at a low price in many places. Always wear warm clothing. Wind during the drive at a speed increases the likelihood of frostbite. o avoid the impact of the searing wind, it is recommended to wear a knit cap under the helmet, covering your chin and neck.

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